Here are some fun facts about me.

In stories, I love when the villain turns into a good guy.

Per #1, Iu00a0loveu00a0watching Dragonball Z (Vegeta) and u00a0Inuyasha (Sesshomaru). Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them, still love reruns.

I love superhero stuff. Batman is my favorite tradional superhero. He’s just a guy, no powers. His only real asset is money for all those cool toys. Yet he still fights the fight.

My favorite ‘will watch every time it is on’ and ‘DVR’d it just in case nothing else is on’ movies are in no particular order:u00a0Romancing the Stone (I did not like the sequel, strangely enough.),u00a0You’ve Got Mail, u00a0Somewhere in Time,u00a0Beauty and the Beast (Yes, the cartoon.),u00a0Everything Harry Potter,u00a0Eragon (I *heart* dragons.),u00a0Fast and Furious movies – All of them

My favorite must watch TV Shows are in no particular order: u00a0ONCE, Scorpion, Suits, Castle,u00a0NCIS (not the same without Ziva),u00a0NCIS LA,u00a0NCIS New Orleans,u00a0The Voice,u00a0Law & Order SVU,u00a0Dark Shadows (Original – but it doesn’t air anymore.)u00a0*Side note* I hated the Dark Shadows movie. Compared to the original show it was so full of idiocy it took four attempts for me to get all the way through it.

My favorite color is royal blue. u00a0My favorite car color is black. u00a0Wardrobe-wise, I prefer black over every other color except red or blue.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is my favorite author. I have others that I love to read, but if I could only buy one book ever, it would be a Dark-Hunter novel. I am a menyon.u00a0My cats are named after book characters: Asheron, Styxx and Jace. Ash is solid black. I probably should have named him Raven, but he is happy with Ash. Styxx and Jace areu00a0orange tabby cats and brothers. Jace is named for a Shadowhunter character. (My daughter is also a book nerd.)

It is impossible for me to stay on topic when talking about any subject. I ramble a lot.

No one in my family has ever read one of my books, including my husband.

My husband did not like to read. He watched TV….a lot. He read the newspaper. That’s it. Shocking I know. He was just not a book person. He was an outsdoorsy guy.

I am terrified of tornadoes, heights, fire, drowning, small spaces. I have a fear of elementals I guess.

I am not afraid of snakes, but I do hate them a lot. Good snake = dead snake. If it crosses my path, I will kill it and wonder if its poisonous after the fact. Then again, I live in the south, in the woods, near the water and have ran across water-mocassins, rattlesnakes, and copperheads. Current personal dead venomous snake count is 13, either by pistol or sword.

I have a Harry Potter wand that controls my TV. Or it would if I could just get the darn thing to understand me. Apparently it hasn’t decided to ‘choose’ me. Yet.

In a sacred box no one dares touch lives my deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards (with a few Pokemon keeping them company.) I started collecting them when my son was little. It’s full of Dark Magicians (I have five, two first edition shiny ones) and other things he says aren’t tournament legal anymore. u00a0Probably true since some of them are fifteen years old. I used to obsessively want a Dark Magician Girl card, but could never find one. I have two now that my son gave tou00a0me. It’s still fun when I can manage to get five of my magicians on the field at once.u00a0

My house is about as unglamourous as they come. I live in a remodeled double wide in the middle of the woods. It is quirky and has a weird layout with little whatsits in every nook. Sometimes it reminds me of the Weasley house, cluttered but homey and warm. Not museum perfect. It is still a work in progress and currently both grayish green and white as I’m in the middle of putting new vinyl siding on. u00a0If tomorrow I was suddenly rich and could afford to buy a fancy house or quit my day job, I wouldn’t. u00a0I’d finish the work, set aside college money for the kids and go right back to my normal day to day routine. That’s just who I am.

Stay tuned…