Welcome to the Triple Star. A month ago, my brother Jace found our father’s body in the woods not far from the house. The county cops have taken over the investigation, but have found few answers as to why anyone would kill Sam Murphy. My dad was a hard man, but good in his own way. 

I’ve been barred from actively participating in the official investigation, but that doesn’t mean I plan to stand idly by while his killer roams free. Drew, Jace and I have hired a private investigator (Howl Raven) to do a little digging into the financial records of the Triple Star. Nothing too suspicious. Any good son would want to have an accounting of his father’s debts and assests after he passes, right? 

First rule of thumb when investigating any murder, follow the money. 

And what Raven found may get us all killed…

Kincade Murphy

Shady Creek Chief of Police