And Light shall bring forth the gateway…

Charm of Light (Book 1)

The heroine:  Allaina (Allie) Corrigan
Trained in sorcery  from a young age by her powerful cousin Devin, erotic romance author Allaina Corrigan is no stranger to magic.   But in  a future where  technology rules, those with power  take great care to hide it.  When she begins receiving pictures of ritually murdered women and then one of herself, naked with blood streaming from the bite marks in her throat, she realizes something more serious than fan stalking is going on.  Hoping to keep her family out of danger, Allie seeks out the last man she wants to run to for help, vampire Kail McKenna.  She lost her heart to him once, almost gave up her mortality but out of her element, she knows Kail may be the only one who can save her.  

The hero:  Kail McKenna
In the fourteen hundred years since the last Seven were destroyed and his lover Cailin the Light turned him, Kail has seen more than his share of death and destruction.  When Allie walks back into his life with the Charm of Light as living proof  the Seven are returning, he has no choice but to honor his charge as Guardian and turn against his kind.  For her, he would sacrifice all.
The story:  Death stalks Allie and craves not only her blood but her power.  Thrice the Seven have returned.  With only Allaina the Light left to battle the darkness, will she be able to save Kail and his soul?