Then Fire shall reign upon them…

Charm of Fire (Book 2)

The heroine – Raine Roarke: Like her cousin Devin, Raine is a phoenix, the second most powerful fire witch to be born in a thousand years. After being gifted with Arianne’s powers, she learned not only to control her magic, but to use it wisely. The best use for her powers now? Killing Elias’ minions while Kail and Allie search for and train the remaining Seven. 

The hero – Jax Slade:  Before Elias murdered the council of elders during the time of the last Seven, Guardian Jax and the other remaining Guardians were given orders to destroy Kail and seek out their new charges in another time. Sent into the future with the last of the elders magic, Jax is determined to succeed. There is no going back. Finding the Charm of Fire will be simple. Keeping her safe? Well, no one said this mission would be easy.