A long break and changes coming soon…

As you can see I’ve taken a long break from writing. I’ve been busy helping others get their books out there by working on websites, book covers, and offering what advice I can. While I enjoy that, playing genie and making wishes come true lol, it hasn’t left any time for writing. Like ZERO. And that sucks. This has to change. I always wanted to be a writer first but everything else just took over.

So recently, I decided to take back my writing time, again. I’m not sure if I’ll return to the romance genre. I still have three short stories to tie up for readers (Triple Star) and I do want to continue Allie and Kail’s story at some point. My life and reading tastes have changed towards cozies and mystery with some paranormal bents and maybe a little off-screen romance. That said, I’m working on a long running mystery series with more news to come soon. And maybe some graphics.

But change is good. I like this quirky ‘old’ witch I’m creating that talks to her cats (that also talk back to her!) How long it will take to actually write it? I’m not sure. But I’ll be back with more news soon. You can expect a redesign in the future as well.