BotB-1600pxThank you for joining me in the shadows. Pay no attention to that odd silhouette over there. Weird things live here.  Where do you hail from? *Glances around wide-eyed* OK. I won’t look. 🙂 I’m in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington D.C. Tell me about your latest book. What makes it stand out from the crowd? Let’s see. Betting the Billionaire has a heroine, Keisha, an interior decorator whose hobby is restoring a 1955 Ford Thunderbird. She’s got a fabulous afro, a great sense of humor and she’s not about to back down to a bad boy billionaire no matter how sexy he is. Gabe, the hero, is a self made billionaire who puts the hottie in hotties wear glasses. He’s whip smart, determined and way too used to getting his own way. Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it? Tons! This Year’s Black, the second in my Killer Style romantic suspense series, comes out May 26, then the first book in my contemporary romance series about three sisters who inherit a rundown brewery comes out later in the summer. Fun stuff! What advice would you give to writers just starting out? Just keep writing. How did you deal with rejection letters? Any tips for unpublished writers? Rejection letters suck. Give yourself permission to cry/throw things/whatever for a day and then get your butt back in the chair. The story is in you. You have to tell it. What tools of the trade are must-haves for you? Coffee. Seriously, I do not function without it. Also, I love Scrivener. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to research a story? Well, I spent a few hours the other day calling up toxicology and poison experts trying to get some information and promising them that I was not planning on murdering anyone in real life. What do you like to read? I like to read everything, but most of all I like to read funny, fast-paced stories that take me on an emotional roller coaster. Who is your favorite author and why? I’m a total Lori Foster fangirl. I love the alpha of her alphas. Now for the fun questions.  Let’s strip away the veil of invisibility. Do you have a day job alongside writing and will you tell us about it? The dreaded EDJ (evil day job). I do. I own a communications company and advise folks on social media, ghostwrite and edit. If you weren’t a writer, what career might you have chosen? I was a total drama geek in high school, so that would have been cool. Who is your favorite superhero (or heroine)? Can be from a comic book, movie, novel, cartoon, video game or anywhere else heroes reign. Wonder Woman for the win! Your favorite book hero? Oh my God. That is hard. I have no clue. There are just too many yummy ones. You finally have an evening free to spend any way you want. Money is no object. Where do you go? What would you do? I’d love to go to the opera and do the whole thing where you dress up. Basically picture the opera scene from Moonstruck and that’s me. You’ve been gifted (or cursed) with the ability to shift into another form by a witch. What kind of shifter are you? Why? I like this. I’d want to be a general shifter that can move into almost any form (think Sam in True Blood). I like options. Thanks so much for being my guest today! Anything else you’d like to share with my readers?  Don’t forget to give us links to your website etc. Thank you so much for having me! I love chatting with readers and have an active and super fun street team (Yo! Flynnbots!) on Facebook. You can get all the info on my website ( Just click on the Connect link up top. Indulgence Unexpected Love Blog Tour with Ros Clarke and Avery AUH-1600pxFlynn   An Unsuitable Husband by Ros Clarke   Synopsis:  Theresa Chartley has no time for marriage, and no room for disappointment–especially with French soccer player Emile Renaud. Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he’s wrong for a career woman like Theresa. If only her mother would stop pressuring her to get married and let her live her own life. Finding a very unsuitable husband to shock her parents into silence and put an end to the marriage campaign is the only answer. Emile will do just fine.   Theresa’s outrageous proposal is the answer to Emile’s problem. They’re complete opposites living in different worlds, but a fake marriage will let him ditch his clingy ex once and for all. Then he’ll be free of commitment and free to live his life the way he wants to. A contract. Twelve months. And they walk away scot-free.  But a year of marriage tests them both in unimaginable ways. Maybe Emile isn’t unsuitable after all, but how can Theresa let herself love him when she signed a contract to let him go? GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & NobleEntangled   Author Bio: Ros is a writer, a church worker, a crafter, a blogger, a twitterer, a lazy gardener, and an appalling housekeeper. She lives in a sixteenth century shed in England and is very glad that it has twenty-first century plumbing. She is interested in almost everything except cricket and football (US and UK) and mostly she likes happy endings in fiction and in real life. Ros has been writing stories for as long as she can remember, never dreaming that other people would be interested in reading them. A few years ago, she discovered a writing forum on the internet, and has never looked back. Her head, and her hard drive,are full of ideas for fresh, fun, contemporary romances that she hopes you’ll love as much as she does.  Website Blog Twitter  Facebook Betting the BillionaireBotB-1600px by Avery Flynn   Synopsis: If that man calls her one more time… So what if Gabe Campos is a model-dating billionaire who gets Keisha Jacobs hotter than a Ferrari’s engine on the straightaway? He keeps pushing her to sell her family’s furniture business, but she’ll never give in—not unless she wants to give her father a second heart attack. All Gabe should be thinking about is how he’ll finally get revenge on the man who killed his father. But when he meets the man’s daughter, Keisha, instead of focusing on destr
oying Jacobs Fine Furnishings, he can’t get her warm-whisky voice out of his mind. Forced by a snow storm to spend the night together, their passion ignites. The next day, however, it’s back to business. The only way Keisha can save her family is to win a bet with the billionaire. But neither realized their hearts are part of the bargain… GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble Entangled   Author Bio: Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She fell in love with romance while reading Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory books. It wasn’t long before Avery had read through all the romance offerings at her local library. Needing a romance fix, she turned to Harlequin’s four books a month home delivery service to ease the withdrawal symptoms. That worked for a short time, but it wasn’t long before the local book stores’ staffs knew her by name. Avery was a reader before she was a writer and hopes to always be both. She loves to write about smartass alpha heroes who are as good with a quip as they are with their *ahem* other God-given talents. Her heroines are feisty, fierce and fantastic. Brainy and brave, these ladies know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs. WebsiteTwitter FacebookGoodreads   Indulgence’s Links: Facebook  Twitter @IndulgenceBooks  Steals and Deals     Giveaway Info: $25 Amazon gift card from Ros Clarke “Book Nerd” T-Shirt and Pendant from Avery Flynn a Rafflecopter giveaway   An Unsuitable Husband - Betting the Billionaire Banner