Excerpt from Fire’s Ice…First meet

9781616503956 (1)Lead in:  Devin’s story actually began with the first book in this series, Earth Enchanted.  His character has evolved from laird to  jewel thief to teacher and protector, becoming a fixture in the lives of the other characters. This book is best read as part of the series. At the beginning of Fire’s Ice, the spell has just broken and Arianne is waiting for Devin to offer her freedom, but to give up her power for less than love isn’t something she is willing to do. I relate quite a bit to Ari. She isn’t perfect, comes from an abusive family and has a shady past to rival Devin’s, but she is also kind-hearted and fierce when it comes to those she loves. Here is an excerpt from their first meeting after the spell has broken. 

Chapter 1

Ireland, Christmas morning–present
A rare snowfall turned the green fields surrounding the dance white. She missed the changing seasons. Warm. Cold. Rainy. Inside the circle, the weather remained in a state of emptiness, no rain, just a constant bubble protecting her from the elements, keeping her hidden from the modern world. Comfortable, but through the barrier she watched the world change year after year. Just once more she wanted to feel the breeze cool on her face. Stand in the middle of a summer shower until it soaked her to the skin… But the price was far too high. She’d been born with power. Why should she just give it away? And for love? Damn Daemon straight to Hell. Love? Daemon’s Fire didn’t love her any more than she did him. Love couldn’t be ruled by magic.

He was very attractive though, like something wild and forbidden. Probably just as dangerous. In her time, others had been betrothed for less, and certainly to worse-looking men. Had things been different, her brother-in-law would have chosen a husband for her. Probably a goat-herder. Not that there was anything wrong with being the wife of a goat-herder; it just wasn’t a life she craved. Neither was wedding a thousand-year-old witch with a cocky attitude. He would come to her, for her. Her bane, her protector. Devin. Just his name whispered from her lips had Daemon’s lust spell working overtime. He’d betrothed her to the laird with that bit of magic, and because of it, Devin’s spell saved her from the backlash of magic. And so she lived endlessly, waiting for love to free her. A love she wanted to feel and might never be given in return.
She watched him climb the rise. Dark mahogany hair whipped with the wind. He moved like a warrior. Stealth. Control. Every step carefully considered, to have the most damaging effect. Only, this wasn’t a battle for land or gold, but for the heart. Devin raised a shield to protect himself. Is he afraid of me? Snow melted around his feet with the heat as he stepped into her prison.
Waiting just a few feet away, Ari smoothed the skirt of the long velvet dress she wore. The color of blood, it left her throat and shoulders bare. Feeling her stomach quiver, she tossed her dark curls over one shoulder and met his tawny eyes with her own. Daemon’s lust spell was powerful and she wanted Devin instantly. “Ah, Daemon’s Fire. My knight in shining armor come to set me free at last.” She walked to him then, let her hips roll with the movement. She knew how to entice a man, even if she was not experienced.
“I’m no knight.”
Chivalry be damned. She wanted his hands on her. “And I’m no lady.” Taking a deep breath, Arianne closed the space between them and let her body press close to his heat. She felt him tremble under her touch. Barely leashed passion became a potent mix of devastation, sensation and power.  Buy Elemental Magic Here