You Gotta Read needs reviewers!

Hi, all. A bit of news…
I started reviewing for You Gotta Read Reviews in 2008. In 2009, I took over for as the guest blog admin. Recently our site admin came to the tough decision to either close our doors or pass the reins. After spending so much time and energy into helping build our site, well, I just couldn’t let those doors close. So, since taking over, I’m stumbling around trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. My first order of business is to increase reviews, but our reviewers already have more than we can handle. We need several more reviewers.

REVIEWERS WANTED! Interested? Here’s the basic requirements. Read the full list here.

Be able to commit to reviewing at least three books a month. (After an trial period, you’ll be able to request more than two at once.)

Have the ability to write a clear, honest review with tact. So basic grammar and punctuality are a must. I do editing on the reviews, but there are only so many hours in the day. If it looks like my 15 yr. old wrote it in text language…Well you get the idea.

You must be at least 18. Many of the book requests we receive are romance and erotic romance. Adult content is present to varying degrees in much of what we review. Reviews are not assigned and we do get titles with sweet heat levels too. You will be able to request what you are comfortable reviewing.

Reviews are due back in one month.

You need the ability to read a digital book. There are free apps for your computer or smart phone if you do not have an actual e-reader. We rarely get print books any more. It’s much easier for everyone to use digital galleys.

You MUST agree to never, ever share a book entrusted to you. I will not stand for piracy. Any reviewer caught will be out on their ear and they will be reported to the law and their name shared with the publisher.

Still interested? Fill out the form here.