31 Days of Halloween – Sign ups!


It’s time for 31 Days of Halloween at In Shadows. Last year was another huge success. Since both readers and authors had so much fun, I’ve decided to continue the tradition and hope that you’ll join me once again. Previously, I’ve asked for titles that were paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy, or horror. This year, I’d love to host all genres of romance too. (Because hey, if love isn’t scary then what is?) 

I’m looking for authors with new releases or older titles you would like to promote. Authors can write guest blogs, post spotlights, character interviews, interview, or send in their favorite Halloween recipes or crazy Halloween pictures. A tens list or flash fiction (Halloween or otherwise) would be great too. (author will retain rights) Available dates are 10/2 – 10/30 but I will make room for everyone who is interested in participating. 

If you’re interested in hanging out with me at In Shadows, send an email to brynna@brynnacurry.com.  Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.