New excerpt from Claiming Ana

I can’t wait for this new book to come out. March is so far away. Here is another little sneak peek of Claiming Ana to wipe away the Tuesday blahs.
“I’ll take you, turn you, until I’m the sun that warms you, the moon
that calls to you at night.” – Howl Raven
Adult excerpt – R
thinking about sex, Ana. Control yourself.
swallowed the pills with the hot coffee burning a path down his raw throat and
hoped it hid his grin.
Arrgh. He
probably heard that too.
“Every word.
We’ll get to that, hopefully sooner rather than later.”
evading the question. So, how did you come to be bleeding in my woods not
twenty feet from my doorstep?”
“My woods.
I’m renting the Parker place, remember? Technically, that makes Parker’s woods,
my woods,” he corrected.
She turned
her back on him to retrieve something from the cabinet. Had it only been
yesterday they had shared lunch in this room? She had been molten in his arms,
melting into his kiss. If not for the phone call from Jace, they would have
ended up in bed. Maybe on the couch. Against the wall. Now who couldn’t control
their thoughts? Where had this distance come from?
“That’s not
what I meant and you know it.”
“I know.” He
slipped in behind her at the counter. He had questions. She had answers. Howl
intended to have them and her. “Why didn’t you call for help?” Howl laughed
when he felt her jump mentally. Mind reading was such a trip. He effectively
caged her between the counter and his arms. He wanted to kiss her, just there
where her neck curved into her shoulder. He nuzzled the spot and traced
the tip of his tongue along the exposed skin of her throat.
She tilted
her head to give him better access. “The storm knocked down lines everywhere.
We’re running off generator power, no phone, and no cell.”
He felt her
shiver as her situation started to dawn on her. They were completely alone.
Nothing to stop them from acting on this all-consuming lust. No calls from
Jace. No neighborly driveby visits from Cade. No work. Just walls, rooms, and
plenty of doors with locks.
“I would
have driven you to the hospital once the storm let up and you were stable, but
you asked me not to. That, and my Jeep was totaled by a tree. Then I found
this.” Ana held up the small jar containing the bullet she had removed. “And I
knew I couldn’t go to Cade. He wouldn’t understand.”
Howl took
the jar. Even through the glass, the metal burned his skin. He tossed it aside.
It rolled across the floor into the corner smacking into the baseboard but
didn’t break.
“Thank you
for that, for protecting me. You know what I am, then.” This time he did kiss
her just behind her right ear.
“And are you
afraid of me?” Need beat a rhythm through his blood. Please say no. The
hard planes of his body pressed against the silk of her back.
“Should I
“I won’t
hurt you.”
“How do you
do this to me?”
Howl felt
her frustration as she instinctively arched into him.
“What do I
do to you?” He flipped open the buttons of her blouse.
“Make me
ache for you.”
A feral urge
consumed him with her whispered words, something animal, something that
couldn’t be controlled. He kissed the nape of her neck, and felt her skin
vibrate beneath his lips. He heard her shudder inwardly and beg her body to
behave. “Oh, no you don’t. I want you out of control. You should have told me
about your magic.” He breathed the word in her ear. She melted underneath his
massaging fingers.

“And you
could have mentioned you howl at the moon, before I had to use that magic to
save your life.”