First Kiss Excerpt: Claiming Ana (Triple Star Ranch #1)

 *Here is a sneak peek for you today, a first kiss unedited excerpt from Claiming Ana which is in edits and set to be released sometime in March 2014 by Lyrical Press, Inc. Enjoy!*

Blurb:  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…
Small town veterinarian Dr. Anastasia Brannon is surprised to find herself falling for enigmatic private investigator Howl Raven. A red-hot encounter makes their attraction impossible to deny. Throwing caution to the wind, she indulges her desires but keeps her secrets close.

,..a single, silver bullet threatens to tear them apart…
A child of a gypsy and fey, Ana has always hidden her magic for fear of ridicule. When she finds Howl wounded in the woods surrounding her cabin, she must reveal her magic to save his life, even if it means losing him forever.

…a passion that won’t be denied.
A man with a shady past and secrets of his own, Howl uses his feral talents to survive. When he shifts outside of the full moon, he finds himself at the mercy of a werewolf hunter. Ana may be the only one who can banish the wolf from his blood but at what cost?

and women can have strong emotions for each other and still be just friends,
Howl.” Ana smiled and sipped her tea.
frowned. “Not in my experience.”
really? Jace and I are friends. I have a lot of male friends actually.” Ana
knew she was baiting him, but couldn’t seem to help herself.
and Jace were lovers.” Howl growled.
were barely more than eighteen.”
make any difference. I’d bet he still thinks about you like that.”
could be friends. Chat on the phone, watch a movie. Go places together without
wanting more. Couldn’t we?”
I don’t think so.”
every time I looked at you––Never mind. I shouldn’t say it. This just proves my
want to know, Howl. What shouldn’t you say?” Her voice turned husky, even to
her own ears. She slid her hand across the glossy table top and linked her
fingers in his. Uh oh.Warmth radiated
through her fingertips, through her body. The magic in her blood swirled in
imagine what you’d taste like every second we were together. How would you feel
underneath me, wrapped around me? What would it be like to sink into your
warmth? Your scent would drug me.”
pushed away from the table and pulled her out of the chair. His hands were
rough, warm and she ached to have them slide over her skin like velvet. “I
would crave your touch, your kiss. I don’t want to be friends. I want more.”
is crazy. I barely know anything about you.” Her words were tinged with doubt,
but her body pressed into his. Her hands linked around his neck.
the hell cares?”
are things you should know about me.”
here.” His mouth dipped close to hers, “When it comes to this, they don’t mean
a damn thing. Let’s talk about it later.”
closed the distance herself. She had enough talking. This was what she needed.
Heat.Glorious heat.A craving that wouldn’t be sated with simply a kiss.Even this kiss.More.All.
* * * *
            There had been few times in his life
when Howl had lost all his common sense. When a guy grew fangs and fur three
days out of a month, he had to be careful to control his more base nature. He
had known Ana only hours, but her taste was overwhelming his senses. Her body
pressed into his until he could feel every dip and curve. The need to touch
her, claim her drove him crazy with desire.
            Her hands left his neck to slide
down to his waist. Her fingers were warm as they tugged his shirt up to find
the skin beneath. Seems like Ana has
changed her mind about that theory.
He slipped the band from her hair and
filled his hands with the inky black curls. “You taste incredible.”
            “Not so bad yourself.”
            “See. No way we could stay in the
friend zone.”Tilting her back, Howl took the kiss even deeper. Turning he
lifted her up to sit on the table and moved in close. Her jean clad legs
wrapped around his waist.
            “Screw the friend zone.”