Alison’s Awakening By Anna Daye

AlisonsAwakening4Alison’s Awakening
Anna Daye
Can a passionate night with a coworker give her the confidence to pursue the man of her dreams–her boss?
Alison Connolly has always followed the rules—a fact that has helped her excel at her job, but hasn’t done much for her personal life. When a dirty-talking, sexy coworker makes a move while they’re working late, the rules don’t stand a chance.        
Will the erotic dalliance in the conference room ruin her chance of being with the man she really wants—her boss—or will it give her the courage to show him that his star employee is better after hours?
Contemporary Erotic Romance/Erotica
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Author Anna Daye:
Anna Daye lives in the desert with her husband and pets. When she’s not wrangling cats or her husband, she is writing romantic fiction with a spicy edge.
She is a staunch believer in happy endings and unicorns. One of these things is definitely true.
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I relaxed at the familiar tone, but only slightly. “You scared me, Daniel.”
“Did I? That’s because you’re so tense. Jumpy.”
He was probably right, but his hands on my shoulders felt good, too good. He rubbed slowly but with perfect pressure. A soft moan escaped my lips.
I knew I shouldn’t—it wasn’t proper—but I couldn’t help but lean into his massage. The pressure on my tense muscles felt so amazing. And it was wonderful to be touched.
Then his hands were gone. I blinked and pushed down the sudden feeling of loss. Half the lights in the conference room flickered off, leaving the room only dimly lit.
“Can’t really work with the lights off, Daniel,” I said, keeping my tone light.
“You work too much,” he replied.
I shivered at the low tone in his voice. Did he sound husky, like our small touch had affected him, too? No. That wasn’t possible. He had plenty of women chasing him, and
he’d slept with more than his fair share from the rumors I’d heard. Such a small touch wouldn’t affect a man like him. Especially not with someone like me, a mousy woman at least a couple of years older than him.
“Well, these reports won’t finish themselves.” I kept my tone as light as I could, but couldn’t help the slight catch in my voice.
“There will be time enough for those after.”
“After what?” I turned to look at him, blinking in confusion as he pulled off his tie and tossed it on the conference table.
“After we both relax a little.” The shadows in the room cast his face in an odd light, making his grin seem more dangerous, his eyes darker.
“I don’t know what—”
“Stand up, Alison.”