Special Guest ~ Interview with Parker Kincade (Spring Training)

 *Note from Brynna* I have a very special guest visiting me today. Parker Kincade is here to tell us a little about herself and her new book Spring Training. Please make her feel welcome.

Thank you for joining me in the shadows. Pay no attention to
that odd silhouette over there. Weird things live here.  Where do you hail
Weird is good.
I like weird! I’m originally from Michigan, but I grew up in Colorado and now
live in the south…where they fry anything that moves. I’ve moved so much, it’s
hard to pick just one place to call home.
Tell me about your latest book. What makes it stand out from
the crowd?
Rookie baseball
superstar has secret affair with his team owner’s daughter during spring
My latest
release, Spring Training, tells the story of Garrett Donovan and Jessa
Montgomery. Garrett knows the cardinal rule of baseball – never, ever, mess
with the owner’s daughter. But, Jessa turns out to be a temptation he can’t
Jessa’s father
has always warned her to avoid getting romantically involved with his players.
But, Garrett’s good looks and smooth Southern charm make her weak in the knees.
To say sparks
fly when they get together is an understatement.
What makes Spring
Training different is that it has the best of both worlds. Garrett is a sexy,
talented athlete (who doesn’t love a man with stamina?), yet the story focuses
more on the relationship between Garrett and Jessa, rather than Garrett’s job
as a baseball player. It’s the perfect mix!
Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a
bit about it?
I’m currently
working on book two of The Martin Family series. In Shadow of Sin, we learn
what makes Caleb Martin tick, and what turns him on.
J Once Caleb’s story is complete, I’ll be finishing up
Southern Heat – Game On, Book Two (Tyler Brady’s story). In Southern Heat,
readers will find out what Tyler does while he’s home for the summer,
recuperating from his shoulder injury.
I’m such a
tease, I know – but that’s all you get!
What advice would you give to writers just starting out?
Keep writing.
Keep writing. And keep writing. In all honesty, that’s the hardest part.
When you aren’t
writing, read in your genre, learn your industry, and keep perfecting your
craft. Writing is a creative process, but it’s also a business. The more you
learn, the better off you will be.
How did you deal with rejection letters? Any tips for
unpublished writers?
The key to
rejection is not to take it personally. I know, I know. How in the hell do you
do that, right? I wish I had an answer. Of course, I felt bad for a bit, but
remember that publishing is subjective. What one editor doesn’t like, another
may love. I filed those rejections away and put on my big girl panties and moved
on to the next submission.
I was fortunate
to have received excellent feedback from publishers who rejected my first
novel. As hard as it can be to take sometimes, feedback gives the author an
opportunity to learn from someone in the business. My advice would be – don’t
automatically dismiss any feedback you get, even if you don’t agree with it. Be
honest with yourself. Writing a solid story should always come first.
What tools of the trade are must-haves for you?
I write all of
my novels in Scrivener so that and my laptop are critical. I have an “idea”
journal that is filled with notes and plot lines and such. I keep that close at
all times. And craft/reference books. I start each morning with a dose of
whatever craft book I’m reading at the time. And whether it’s a character
naming book or a travel guide to Austin, Texas (where the Martin Family lives),
I have all kinds of reference books within reach of my desk.
Non-tools of
the trade I have to have are bottled water and my boxer (he sleeps under my desk
when I work).
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to research a
I haven’t
really done anything too crazy…yet. There is this thing I figured out about a
can of whipped cream and a … wait, what? That’s a whole other book.
What do you like to read?
I am a romance
girl, all the way. I love them all – paranormal, contemporary, erotic,
westerns, historical, sports…I’m an equal opportunity romance reader.
Who is your favorite author and why? 
This is always
tough for me – because it changes! I’m quite fickle when it comes to my
J If I had to
pick one, it would be JR Ward. She’s edgy and she’s not afraid to take risks
with her characters. Her stories are solid, entertaining and her worlds are so
vivid, it’s hard to remember it’s a story. She takes the reader on an emotional
journey – every time, without fail. (End fan girl moment).
Now for the fun questions.  Let’s strip away the veil
of invisibility. Do you have a day job alongside writing and will you tell us
about it?
I do have a day
job…sort of. I own a massage/pain management clinic. I work primarily with
athletes and people who have chronic pain conditions. I’m very fortunate in
that I have control of my schedule each and every day. This allows me the time
I need to write while still maintaining my client workload.
If you weren’t a writer, what career might you have chosen?
It would
definitely be something creative, like a painter or musician. A little known
fact about me is that I play the piano. It would be cool to teach piano to
Who is your favorite superhero (or heroine)? Can be from a
comic book, movie, novel, cartoon, video game or anywhere else heroes reign.
I have a thing
for Batman. Suave, handsome … drop dead sexy in a suit. Plus, he’s got the
coolest gadgets. Makes a girl wonder what else he’s hiding in the bat cave!
Your favorite book hero?
I’m a sucker for badass, hard-core,
full-on, alpha males. That being said, if I can only pick one … Vane
Katttalakis from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Play. He’s a leather wearin’,
motorcycle ridin’, wolf shifter that doesn’t play when it comes to the woman he
loves. *happy sigh*

You finally
have an evening free to spend any way you want. Money is no object. Where do
you go? What would you do?
I’d hop on a
jet and head to somewhere private – a secluded island with no Internet or cell
phone service. With my deliciously handsome man at my side, I’d spend the
evening drinking sangria and watching the sun set over the ocean. We’d eat
lobster, build a fire on the beach and take a midnight swim. Mmm, that sounds
like heaven, doesn’t it?
You’ve been gifted (or cursed) with the ability to shift
into another form by a witch. What kind of shifter are you? Why?
I’d be a jaguar
shifter. Solid black. Sleek and cunning. Coat like velvet. Eyes sharp and
focused. Black jaguars are just sexy. The way they move, they way they hunt. They
are highly intelligent and fast. And it helps that they are at the top of the
food chain.
Thanks so much for being my guest today! Anything else you’d
like to share with my readers?  Don’t forget to give us links to your
website etc.
Thank you so
much for having me! Readers can find me on the web at the following locations:

Spring Training 
For baseball
superstar Garrett Donovan, his contract with the New York Empire baseball team
meant he’d finally have the means to secure a future for his family. He should
focus on that…not on the sassy, beautiful Jessa Montgomery — or what she looks
like naked. Getting involved with the daughter of the Empire’s owner would be
career suicide. Jessa is a distraction he can’t afford.
Her father
had warned her never to get involved with his athletes, so his request that she
keep an eye on his new star player came straight out of left field. The last
thing Jessa needs is another spoiled, egotistical ball player to deal with. But
Garrett is none of those things. His no-nonsense attitude and smooth Southern charm make her blood burn and her knees weak. Giving
into temptation, she is consumed by the pleasure she finds in Garrett’s arms.
Jessa wants
to protect his career. Garrett won’t let anything get in the way of their
A passion
that could cost him everything.
Available at:  Amazon | B&N
Kincade is an award-winning erotic romance author of the Martin Family Series.
Her first
novel, One Night Stand, won the category of Best Erotic Romance in the
Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Golden Claddagh contest and was named finalist in
the Romance Writers of America/Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest.
Parker lives
in the southern United States with her husband, children and beloved boxer
sidekick. She loves reading, playing golf, spending time with her family and
friends, ice cream from the ice cream truck, taking her dog to the park and
watching old musicals.
Find Parker Kincade Online:

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