NCIS season finale tonight?

Anyone else geared up the watch the NCIS season finale tonight? Gibbs is in a whole lot of trouble. And being Gibbs, I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to protect his team. That’s what he does. I have to wonder if the headhunters have found out Gibbs killed his family’s murderer. Is that what all this investigation is about? Vigilante justice?

But back to the whole revenge thing. Revenge seems to be a recurring theme this season. Ziva’s revenge for her father. Vance for Jackie. Bodnar is dead, but was that truly the end of that? I for one think Schmeil is neck deep in that venture. Never, ever trust the old seemingly kind old guy.

Will be back tomorrow with my review.

In other news, I’m visiting with Jerrie Alexander for a character interview and excerpt. Hope you get the chance to stop by.