A petition ~ Every size is beautiful

I signed a petition today, because my daughter sent me the link and I agreed with her. Along with that link she wrote, “Go read this it will make you sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I think the comment I made with my signature is one everyone should read, whether or not you agree with me.  So, since this is my platform to do that. I am sharing. Will I get railed on for this post? Probably. Do I care? No. I firmly believe that every person is beautiful in their own way and we should celebrate our differences. I am so proud of my kids. Do I care if the big name designers cater to bigger sizes? It would be nice, but that is so not the point at all.

I will post the link that spurred the comment at the end of this blog post. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, but please keep your tempers reigned in. 

I am a mother to two beautiful, smart, wonderful daughters and a handsome, rowdy son.  One of my girls is just over 5′ tall, size 8, the other is almost 6′ curvy and size 18. Both are beautiful girls.  One of them sent me the link to sign this petition. Which one? The size 8.  

What kind of image are we presenting to our daughters with ads where everyone looks like a stick person. Real women have curves and imperfections and they make them unique and beautiful. Real beauty comes from the heart. Our outsides change with life.  

It makes me sick to read such a sexist remark. Do you carry clothing for men over the size of a 10 (or equivalent thereof)? Or are the only male clothes you stock made for muscled stereotypes. Just the other day I was listening to a song by the artist Adele. My son likes gritty rock music. I started to change the station and he stopped me. He said “I love to hear her sing. She is so beautiful.” Point was he, an eighteen year old guy, didn’t care that she wasn’t rail thin. He said, “why should that matter?” Why should it? Really. 

I have raised my children to believe we are all special and unique, no matter what we look like.  I am so proud of them, especially my son, for refusing to buy into the cookie cutter mold. Be who you are, whatever that may be. Embrace your differences, your curves (or lack thereof). You are beautiful.  Every snowflake is different. There are fat fluffy ones, skinny ones, some have odd patterns that don’t quite match, but each one is wondrous to behold and celebrated. Mr. CEO, words have power, especially when you are in a position to influence others. My words have power too and I’m sharing them. Have a wonderfully blessed day.