NCIS ending? Are Tony and Ziva gone?

NCIS is one of my guilty pleasures. I’ve seen every episode, cheered the characters on in their endeavors. I want Ziva to find her father’s killer with Tony at her side. It’s no secret the tension between the two agents keeps viewers watching, just as much as the intrigue. Last night’s episode was great, that is until it ended.

The team has come very close to catching the man responsible. Tony and Ziva are roaming the streets of Berlin, relying on each other for safety, comfort and friendship. Of course, he makes a show of oggling other women, but its obviously a cover. The only woman he ever really watches is Ziva. There was the platonic pillow talk that seemed anything but innocent.

And then there was that intense dance scene. I’m a sucker for the dancing. Ziva’s flashbacks of her father were heartbreaking. She loves Tony. Tony loves her. The other characters can see it. (Why do you think Gibbs always sends them off together? Duh.) Both have been either too stubborn or afraid to admit it. Until now.

There they are back in the US, driving wherever, having this sweet intimate conversation. Ziva’s talking about her father and why she dislikes the new director of Mussad. Tony is understanding and supportive, basically saying he likes Ziva just the way she is. They hold hands, link their fingers. She speaks his name softly. He turns ever so slightly to hear her words.

Hold your breath. This is it. That aww moment when…

They are broadsided by an SUV on her side. Seriously. It ends with Tony reaching for (and missing) Ziva’s limp hand.

At this point, Jackie and I were actually yelling at the TV, just like when a football game is on. Bad call. Sucky call. This majorly stinks. And then the next episode preview comes on. Gibbs and Vance stand outside the ER, flash to Ducky pulling one body out of the freezer wall thing, encased in white. All this lead me to believe Ziva is dead, and possibly Tony too.

Seriously, did they have to do that? And then we saw three awful words. Words a fan never wants to see…final three episodes. It did not specify if it was series or season final episodes, but I plan to research that later.

Viewers must wait a week to find out if the “almost but not yet achieved” love affair has ended tragically. If either of those are the outcomes make it to the screen, I am going to be dissapointed.

How would I write the next episode? Tony and Ziva would be hurt, but alive. The near miss would reinforce their need to be with each other. They would declare their love, which would make things awkward in the office and bring a new dimension to the cases. (Think of all the story potential there, script writers.) The dead body in the morgue would be someone in the other car.  Not Ziva who has learned there are all kinds of strength and love is the strongest. Not Tony who has finally found love.

Gibbs and Vance would go after to rogue operatives (which is who I think caused the accident) and exact revenge for Ziva and Tony. Love would prevail happily ever after. But then, I am a romance writer. I am more sure of that today than ever before.

So what are your thoughts? Any other fans out there who feel a little cheated right now? Do you think it was awesome? I want to know.