Lake Pics and some news…

I’ve been a busy bee lately. This past Saturday was my son’s birthday. He turned an almost grown up nineteen!  My husband was in the hospital from Monday through Saturday. He was released just in time to sing Happy Birthday, but refrain from eating cake. (Diabetes stinks. *boo*) 

My oldest daughter had her senior prom the previous Saturday and so I spent most of the day doing hair and taking pictures of her and her friends. (See right. Pretty!)

I signed a new contract for Claiming Ana (Triple Star Ranch #1), added another 1,000 words to Allie’s story, increased Tempting Taylor (Triple Star Ranch #2) to 5,000 words, and wrote a short, short story Dragon’s Claw (editing so that I can share it with you free.) 

Back to pictures… the fictional town Shady Creek where Claiming Ana is set was inspired by Bear Creek, Alabama. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the lake, our biggest attraction. BC is a very small town as far as businesses go. We have the post office (for now anyway), Coop’s (gas station/ready made food), town hall, the bank and the school. There are several churchs, a couple of factorys, but otherwise we are acres of trees and farmland.  If you want shopping, you have to drive to Haleyville or Russellville. The best thing about living here is the peace and quiet.  

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took of the lake. You can find the whole album here.