Hot Roman Warriors & Magical Druid Heroines by Christina Phillips

Hot Roman
Warriors & Magical Druid Heroines

Thank you Brynna
for having me as a guest on your Valentine’s Event! I have an ancient
historical romance series with sexy warrior heroes and magical Druid heroines
that I’d love to share with you!
I’ve always loved
history, but it never occurred to me to write historical romance until about four
years ago. But when Maximus stormed into my head one night and refused to leave
until I discovered why he was searching for his Druid princess, a whole new
world of possibilities opened up. The Romans, with their military skill and
advanced technology were literally taking over half the world. While to a
certain extent they assimilated the various religious beliefs of those they
conquered, when it came to the Druids they wanted nothing less than

The first book, Forbidden,
starts several months after the Romans first invaded my heroine’s beloved
homeland. Carys, a Druid princess, is immediately captivated by the tough Roman
warrior who displays unexpected honor after he catches her spying on him under
a waterfall
J Despite knowing
she should keep well away from him, their destinies are on a collision course
and it isn’t long before they become lovers. But as their ingrained prejudices
and misconceptions about each other’s cultures begin to crumble, the ancient
gods demand retribution.

Captive begins
six months after Forbidden ends. The heroine, Morwyn, is not only
recovering from the realization that the man she once loved brutally betrayed
his own people, but has also turned her back on her Druidic heritage. She sets
off to join the rebels fighting the Roman invaders but is ambushed and captured
by a tough Gaul mercenary.

The hero, Bren,
is haunted by his violent past and far from being Morwyn’s bitterest enemy as
she imagines, has been undercover in the Roman Legions for the last three
years. The problem is he can’t tell Morwyn the truth, because the truth could
get them both killed.

Betrayed is
Tacitus and Nimue’s story. Nimue, an acolyte of the moon goddess, appeared
right at the very end of the second book, Captive, and she
immediately fascinated me. While trying to protect the Briton queen she is
captured by her bitterest enemy, but soon discovers the Roman tribune who’s
enslaved her is far from the brutal barbarian she imagined.

As for Tacitus,
he’s never met a woman like Nimue before and has trouble accepting that this
beautiful, ethereal woman could possibly be a warrior—let alone one of Rome’s
deadliest enemies. I had a lot of fun tying these two up in knots!

In Tainted
I mixed things up a bit, and have a Roman noblewoman, Antonia, who falls for
tough Celt warrior, Gawain. Antonia’s had a hell of a life with her brutal
former husband, and arrives in Britannia determined to make a new start without
the complication of a man telling her what to do.
Then she meets
Gawain, and makes the decision to embark on a brief liaison. Gawain, of course,
is more than happy to accommodate her since he doesn’t do commitment and is
trying to stir rebellion against the Roman Legions. But as I’m an evil author
and love torturing my hero and heroine, nothing goes according to their plans
and they fall in love. Rome
is not amused!

My historical
romances set during the first century have strong heroines who are struggling
against all the odds to preserve their way of life so their beliefs don’t
vanish into the mists of time, lost forever to future generations. They are
about ancient goddesses who will do anything to ensure their names linger on in
the minds of their children. And most of all, they are about how love can
conquer anything.

Forbidden and Captive
are available from:
Betrayed and Tainted
are coming soon from Ellora’s Cave

Christina Phillips
has always loved writing, and while her efforts in eighth grade usually
involved space ships, time travel and unfortunate endings, as soon as she
discovered romance novels a whole new world opened up. She now writes ancient
historical romance about strong heroines and gorgeous warrior heroes who, no
matter how torturous the journey, are guaranteed their happily-ever-after.
Christina was born in the United
Kingdom, but now lives in sunny Western Australia with
her real-life hero and their three children.

Christina writes
Erotic Historical Romance as Christina
and Hot Paranormal Romance as Christina Ashcroft