Character interview with Arianne Farrell (Fire’s Ice)

Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband Jackie. We have been together for over twenty  years, but it doesn’t seem like such a long time. Also, happy hearts and flowers day to my three babies who are far from being the tiny little bundles I still see when I look at them. One in college, one graduating and another getting ready to drive. Oh dear, where did the time go. Wishing you and yours guilt-free chocolates, love and laughter.

Back in June, Bitten by Books hosted a character interview with Devin McLoch (Fire’s Ice). I thought it would be fun to invite Arianne out to play and ask her some of the same questions. Welcome, Ari. Thanks for dropping by. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Ari: Hello! I’ll stay as long as I can to answer questions, or at least until the boys wake up from their nap. I was born in a small village on the coast of Ireland in 985 AD. My twin Briella and I were raised by the village elders when our mother died in childbirth. Brie was destined to take her place as the wise-woman, but her power was corrupted by her love for a demon. After a lot of magic gone wrong and many years of imprisonment, Devin freed me. Now we live in a castle in Scotland with our triplets and one very human cat.

Brynna: Sounds like you’ve been through alot to find happiness. Why is your magic feared? What kind of power do you have?

Ari:  My power is detractive magic. Like a magnet, I can draw another witch or demon’s power into myself and use it as my own. I can also conjure and heal. Sounds like something great, but pulling on the wrong power and not being able to control it can have disastrous results. The elders saw my dark power as evil and forbade me to do more than gentle healing with herbs and tonics. Fortunately, I have learned to channel my powers in reverse, meaning I can give portions of my abilities, temporarily to another person.

Brynna: That is so completely cool. Could I borrow your conjuring powers for the afternoon. I could finally get that siding put on the house. 

Ari:  Sorry, Brynna. You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Personal gain and all of that. 

Brynna:  Oh, well it was worth a try. What is the hardest thing about living a thousand years?

Ari:  Loneliness. Without my looking glass, I would have gone crazy. At least with it, I had some connection to the outside world. Occasionally, I could even see Devin, but only when ihe sought me with the gems. 

Brynna: When did you realize Devin was on your side?
Ari: The day of Sorca’s burial. I thought I had known pain, despair, loss, but any heartache I had experienced paled against Sorca’s death. In every way that counted, she was my child. I loved her so much. I watched her fall in love, raise her children, grow old. I knew I would outlilve her because of the spell, but the reality of that day crushed me. (turns away) I’m sorry. I just need a moment.

Brynna:  It’s okay. I didn’t mean to upset you. (pats hand)

Ari: No. I’m fine. Its difficult to reflect, but necessary. I listened to the pipes and mournful sounds of her children until I thought my heart would burst. I needed comfort, just to have someone with me. And then Devin was there. I don’t know how long he stayed, but he tried so hard to get through the barrier. Outside the circle, he remained hidden, but finally I felt his power whisper around me, hold me. A ghost of air and light and warmth. I knew then he would do everything in his power to free me and I would do all I could to help him. 
Brynna: Devin’s honor is his best quality. What do you like best about life today?
Ari:  Technology. 
Brynna: Do you always have control over your powers?
Ari:  Mostly. Sometimes I take on too much and the power overwhelms me, but I can’t stand to see someone hurting and not give everything to help them. 
Brynna: Thanks for taking the time to visit with us, Ari. I know it can’t be easy to talk about your past.
Ari: Our past makes us who we are. Denying what was won’t change the present. The boys are still sleeping, so we have time for a few more questions. How about some from the readers? 
Brynna: Wonderful! Alright y’all. The floor is all yours. Ask away.