Excerpt from Fire’s Ice…

Sharing another excerpt from Fire’s Ice…

Excerpt – (Steamy – 18 & up only)
© 2012 Brynna Curry
     “Dance with me? I’ve been dying to get my hands on you all evening.” It had been so much worse to wait, imagining her under him in the dark and knowing where his hands could take her. He snapped his fingers and disembodied soul music floated around them. “A little Earth, Wind and Fire seems appropriate.” Devin stood and pulled her up out of her chair and into his arms. Ari pressed against him, slid her hands up to his shoulders. His went around her waist and held her close.
     “I would love to. I’ve wanted your hands on me all evening.” Her pretty mouth curved into a smile and she tossed her long hair back.
     He shifted his feet, leading her into the dance, giving her no choice but to follow him. On a downbeat, he captured her hand and spun her away, only to bring her twirling back into his arms. He heard her breath catch as he caught her against his chest.
     Hearts afire, love desire,” Devin sang along softly with the music as her feet followed his, hips shifted under his hands. Her fingers combed through his hair now as they moved slowly across the great hall. Ari’s heels clicked across the slate with every step. Her thin silk dress left nothing to the imagination, not that he needed to imagine what she looked like, felt like.
     Devin let the rhythm of the music seduce them. His body ached with need. Here. Now. It screamed. He could turn her against the wall, take her until they were both drowning in passion. And he knew that’s exactly what she wanted. Ari wanted a raging fire that would burn itself out in time. He had shown her the heat, that wild, lightning fast ride of desire, but there was more, so much more. He intended to give her everything possible.
     “This is nice.” She sighed and laid her head on his shoulder.
     “More than nice. We move well together.”
     Her eyes twinkled. “Oh, yes.”
     Tilting up her chin so he could look into her eyes, Devin took her lips in a gentle kiss that held the promise of heat. The low, sweet notes of the song ended. And still they danced.
     Leaning close to her ear, he whispered, “Ari?”
     “Yes, Devin.” He watched as she sent the candle flames into the hearth, leaving them in the dim firelight.
“Close your eyes.” Lifting her in his arms, he found his center of power and focused on the place he wanted to take her. The dark swirled around them as he bent space and flashed them to his bedroom on the second floor.