Trick or Treat – Winner Announcements

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Halloween giveaways! Now for the winners’ announcement. Winners will be contacted via the email provided with your entry within the next few days. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email at and I will do my best to sort it out for you.

Drum roll please!

A signed print book from Brynna Curry’s list of titles & an eBook for a friend: Dea H. 

$10 Amazon Gift Card from Amber Kallyn:  Denise D.

$10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card from Pippa Jay:  Amber P.

8″ Black & Orange Chain Maille Bracelet:  Monica V.

EBOOK set (X 3) – Shelly’s Second Chance & Megan’s New Love:  Catherine L., Sue B., and Tobi H.

eBook – BETRAYED BY THE INCUBUS by Nicole Graysen:  Jody F.

eBook – ETERNAL ENVY by Paloma Beck:  Carolyn O.

eBook – GOSSAMER by Renita Pizzitola:  Lysette L.

eBook – HERO REVEALED by Anna Alexander:  Jean P.

eBook – ONLY IN HER DREAMS by Christina McKnight:   Akira

eBook – THER GREAT NORTHER COVEN by Bruce Jenvey:  Sherry F.

eBook – SELF’S BLOSSOM by David Russell:  Lisa K.

eBook – SECRETS OF SEACLIFF HOUSE by Stacey Coverstone: Mae C.

eBook – THE SELKIE by Rosanna Leo:  Debra

eBook – WEATHERING ROCK by Mae Clair:  Jane T.

eBook – WITCH DEVOTIONS by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej:  Denise Z.

eBook – LORE OF FEI by Kathleen S. Allen: Mary M.

eBook – INSIDE OUT by Amy Lee Burgess:  Anne

eBook – SLOANE’S WOLF by Margay Leah Justice:  Jennifer M.

eBook – THE ARTIST’S INHERITANCE by Juli D. Revezzo: Debra S.

Print – GHASTLY GLASS by Joyce & Jim Lavene:  Terry P.

Print –  HOUSE HAUNTING or AFFINITY – BIRD IN A GILDED CAGE or a choice of a Kindle copy any Mary Merrell title: PC “ivegotmail”

Print – A GIFT FOR MURDER or an ebook copy of MAGIC, MURDER AND MICROCIRCUITS by Karen McCullough:  Ronnie

In addition to these prizes, special giveaways were included with a few blog posts. Winning names were (or will be) posted within the comment section of their respective posts. 

Also, Lysette won a copy of Fire’s Ice on Keira Kohl’s blog yesterday.

Congrats to all the winners!