Cover reveals

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S. I hope you have a wonderful holiday (and a great weekend to those of you in the rest of the world!) I have the next four days off from work and plan to spend that time writing while my mother-in-law takes over my kitchen. (She’s going to anyway, so may as well let her. It’s less painful for everyone. LOL.) 

Before I go, I have three new cover reveals for you. Charmed has a new cover to match Entranced (releases next week.) 

Entranced is the second Elemental Magic anthology and contains Sea’s Sorceress and Fire’s Ice. 

I really miss the Corrigan bunch. Even though I’m working on Allie’s book, it just isn’t the same. So part of this weekend’s writing session will include a short story. Christmas At Glen McLoch will be a free read that brings all the Elemental Magic characters (including Lea, Gabe and their daughter Annaleigh) together for a Christmas visit to Scotland.  Devin’s triplets are five years old for this story and already a handful, magically speaking. I think little Annaleigh is going to fit it just fine with her Irish kin, even if she has no powers. She’s tough like her mom. *wink*