31 Days of Halloween – Renita Pizzitola

Title: Gossamer
Author: Renita Pizzitola
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal/Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Release Date: October 8, 2012
Author Bio:
Renita Pizzitola writes Paranormal Romance and
Urban Fantasy. An avid reader herself, she has always enjoyed stories with
witty humor, romance, and fascinating characters. Renita lives in Texas with
her husband and two children. When not writing, she enjoys reading everything
she can get her hands on, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and playing
referee to her two typically adorable children.
Visit www.renitapizzitola.com for more information
Gossamer Blurb:
all faerytales end with happily-ever-after?
Kyla Ashbury is nearing her eighteenth birthday
when a mysterious boy appears at school. Her instant attraction to him
inexplicably awakens something inside her and she discovers her true identity.
Now, armed with the knowledge of her past, she is
forced to leave behind the life she has always known for a new one filled with
temptation, faery charm and magic, and a future she wasn’t prepared for.
Kyla is left with a difficult decision…but no
matter which path she chooses, someone will get hurt.
“It’s kind of ironic our rendezvous point is at the corner of Magnolia
and Pansy.” I chuckled. Grant looked at me and arched an eyebrow. He was so
cute when he did that. “You know Pansy.” I got nothing. “It’s a joke. You know
we are making our great, big, daring escape from Pansy Lane.” He still looked
confused. I shook my head. “Never mind.” He didn’t press for an explanation. I
shot him a sidelong glance. “Are all grants as serious as you?”
The corner of his mouth tugged up. “I can’t say all, but most grants
are guards. Serious comes with the job.”
“So, you’re a guard?” He nodded. “Hmm.”
“Hmm, what?” A smile still played at the corners of his mouth.
“I’m not surprised. You’re observant and cautious. Protective. But, I
guess that comes with the job, too.”
“Protective?” His tone doubtful as he repeated my word choice. “I don’t
know about that. My job is to sense danger and act upon it if necessary.
Safety–I provide safety. I think protectiveness is fueled by emotions,
typically, and that goes beyond my job description.”
I was taken aback by Grant’s comment. It seemed almost cold. “But, you
told my parents you’d protect me?”
We finally arrived at our destination and I could see Conor already
waiting. Grant stopped and looked at me.
“And I will,” he said and walked away.
I was locked into place. My brain incapable of processing his comment
and walking at the same time. Was that his way of saying he cared about me?
Which really didn’t mean much. I cared about my friends, too. Oh, but I really
wanted him to mean something more. Don’t read too much into it. I forced my mind to
clear and approached the guys.
Grant filled Conor in on Lexie’s plans to pick us up. He seemed to like
the idea of not having to walk the entire way and I could have sworn he liked
the idea of seeing Lexie one last time.
The three of us stood silently waiting for her. The humid night air
left my skin clammy. A few minutes later a black car pulled up alongside the
curb. The tinted passenger window glided down and Lexie peered out at us.
“Need a ride?” She asked with a wicked grin. I grinned back. I was
going to miss her. I opened the door and decided to let the boys fight over who
got the front seat. Grant stopped me and told me to sit in the front. Although
I’m sure he was being a gentleman, I had a strong feeling they didn’t want to
deal with the onslaught of questions she was sure to have.
They squished into the back and I climbed in. I pulled my seat up as
far as possible, feeling sorry for Grant as he tried to contort into such a
small space. I felt bad for Conor too, of course.
As soon as we were buckled, Lexie’s car coasted onto the quiet street.
“Okay, first where to?” She looked at me expectantly. I glanced back at
the boys. Grant spoke up giving her directions. She nodded, not even caring
that we were asking her to drive us practically out of town.
She laughed. “It’s pretty funny you’re making your big getaway from
Pansy Lane.”
“Thank you!” I over exaggerated my words and rolled my eyes at Grant.
“See. Joke. Funny.” He grinned and shook his head. I faced front again as my
heart fluttered from the adorable way he looked at me.