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Nearly all Halloween
traditions can be traced to the ancient Celtic day of the dead. Halloween is a
holiday of many mysterious customs, but each one has a history, or at least a
story behind it. One of the most celebrated traditions is pumpkin carving.

We’re all familiar
with these sometimes cute but mostly ghoulish glowing faces but do you know why
we go to the pumpkin patch (or your local grocery store) and spend a
pain-staking amount of time searching for and picking the best one, only to go home,
carve it up, stick a candle inside it and display it so proudly on the front

The Celts believed
that on October 31st the Lord of Death, Saman, would call together all the
souls that had died the previous year to travel to the afterlife during the
Vigil of Samhain. Ancestral ghosts and demons emerged from sidh (ancient
mounds or barrows of the countryside) and were free to roam the earth, harm crops,
and cause trouble.
To deter these evil
spirits from coming to people’s homes, the Celts would carve faces in gourds,
light them with a candle, and display them in the windows of their homes. They
believed the frightening faces would scare off any evil spirits.

So this Halloween, be
sure to carve your pumpkin extra scary to keep the ghouls at bay.
Have a safe and
tradition-filled Halloween!

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