31 Days of Halloween – Mary Corrales

I want to first thank Brynna for inviting me to her
blog. October is one of my favorite months. The air is crisp, the nights are
long, and there’s magic all around us. Let’s talk a bit about the gloriously
mysterious creatures that share these nights with us.
Vampires are passionate creatures despite their
outward stoic appearance. When they find the right lover, their entire body
comes alive. Their desires are sharper when they scent someone compatible with
them. While most might assume that a vampire can mate with anyone, it’s the one
who causes their hungers—sexual and blood related—to peak that brings them the
greatest pleasure and gratification.
Have you ever been the object of seduction for a
fanged friend? Their intense gaze will make your heart pound. The natural fight
or flight response hovers on the edge of your consciousness. Until that first
touch under the moonlight, where the quiet world of darkness cocoons the two of
you in solitude.
Of course there are more than vampires that call the
night their own. What of those sensual creatures, sex demons? Yes, they seek
the passionate attention of mortals as well. A sex demon’s expertise in
seduction is legendary and well deserved as they often enjoy experimentation
when it comes to sex. Their touch is self-assured and deliberate as they
deliver pleasure to their partner. Those with fangs desire to bury those piercing
instruments deep inside a willing mortal.
These October nights bring out those mystical
creatures as we move toward the thinning of the veil between worlds on the 31st.
For those mortals brave enough to see beneath these mythical beings thin façade
of civility and mortality, a world of dark pleasures await.
Interested in indulging in a little dark pleasure? Tasting Camilla will take you into the
realm of vampires where whether vampire or mortal, the desire to be touched
must be fulfilled. Love’s Demon Ways brings
you into a world of sex demons and their dark passions. They are masters of
seduction and yet even the darkest of them can be caught by love’s persistent embrace.
Will you look for these creatures the next time
you’re out on a cold October night? I hope you do. The eye contact alone is
worth the thrill.
Love’s Demon Ways
Alexine Coridan is lonely and unlucky
in love. Vowing to live her life with no more regrets, she decides to have a
one-night stand with the Nightfall Art Gallery’s reclusive owner, Ren Aloysius,
but is he more than she is looking for? What forces will be unleashed when she
sheds her inhibitions for a man who promises ecstasy with just one touch?
Showcasing his darkest erotic artwork
and needing to feed his sex-demon counterpart, Ren is intrigued by Alexine’s
passion. After his demonic side decides to assert itself into their sexual
interlude and claim her as his soul mate, he’s forced to let her walk out of
his life.
Fate returns Alexine to Ren’s side,
but will her feelings for him be enough to tame his demon within?
Adult Excerpt
“Oh, could anything
be sadder?”
The woman’s soft
voice caught his ear, causing him to turn as a delicate female with pale blonde
hair approached the painting. Unable to resist, he stepped up next to her and
studied her profile. The natural flush of pink to her skin and lips like
blushing roses enticed him.
“What do you find so
sad?” he asked once the other patrons nearest her began to circulate again in
the gallery. Her proximity stirred his darker side, but he couldn’t move away.
She continued to
stare at the painting, a rueful smile touching her lips. “They’re doomed. She’s
made of water and he of fire, but they want to be together. He’ll die, and
neither one cares.”
“True love,” he said, hoping to
provoke her to look at him.
She shook her head.
“I wouldn’t want a man to die for me. That’s not love.”
Her words intrigued
him, making him need her full attention. “Perhaps the pleasure is worth it. One
moment of orgasmic ecstasy.” His provocative statement inspired the right
reaction, and she turned toward him. Her eyes reminded him of dark honey, sweet
and full of untapped passion. His mouth practically watered with desire for
Her gaze brushed
over him in a quick appraisal. “Alexine Coridan,” she said, presenting her
Assertive woman to
introduce herself to a stranger, he liked that. “Ren,” he replied, taking her
hand and turning it over to brush his lips against the back. The scent of sweet
apples and fertility teased his senses.
Love’s Demon Ways
Genre: Paranormal/fantasy erotic
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
ISBN: 1-61034-392-1
Words: 31,305
Heat: Scorching