31 Days of Halloween – Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

October baby! Let’s get some fright on! I am Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, paranormal
romance writer, and I am here to entertain you! I know all about the witches,
vampires and werewolves however, my stories aren’t scarry. They are STEAMY!
Yes, Trent and Faith have a lot of chemistry, but gosh darn it all if men
aren’t capitivated by the sizzling witch. And she can’t help it, she is the
last witch in the world and her energy is setting men ablaze with desire.
there is only one man, or maybe I should say vampire, for her and that is Trent
Callen. The smexy Irish vampire with enough charm to stop Medusa from turning
men into stone. And yet, he only has eyes for Faith Scott. Yes, sometimes my
characters might question their devotions
(haha cause my book is called Witch
, get it?), but they know at the end of each book who they are
going to share their coffin with! Well, so far at least.
I am the type of author that likes to throw the curve balls. And, as you will
see in books like Werewolf Descent
and From Demons, With Lust I don’t
always give the HEA (happily ever after) ending a reader might want. However,
at the end of the day a character will get with the person they are supposed to
be with. So never give up hope! Sometimes it just takes reading the next story
I put out.
now, please take a look at an excerpt from Witch
. I chose to show this part because I find it to be one of those
scenes where it really touches your heart and pulls at the strings. Not a lot
is said or done, but just the right phrase is uttered. One of those lines that
you will repeat to yourself when you are feeling a certain way. Enjoy.
I woke up with a start, the shadows
in the room frightening me. I practically fell out of bed and searched the wall
for a light switch, forgetting there was a lamp, and panicking that I was
unable to find one. My stomach was churning as my body shook. My hand found a
knob and I pulled the door open, falling to my knees in the hallway. Jeff was nowhere
in sight. There was a small light on downstairs, but it wasn’t enough. I hunted
down the light switch for the hallway and flipped it on. The brightness almost
blinding, I sat against the wall and pulled my knees up to my chest.
Footsteps brought my attention to
the stairs. “Did something happen?” It was Jeff with a sandwich in his hand.
I shook my head and began to rock.
“I needed the light. Couldn’t find it in there.” I motioned with my body to the
room I was sleeping in.
Without hesitation, Jeff took a seat
next to me and offered me part of his sandwich. I refused and he took another
bite. He chewed and I tried to control my breathing.
“It won’t be like this forever.”
As if something burst in the room,
my body stopped rocking. “What?”
He swallowed his food. “The way that
you feel at this very second. It won’t last.” Jeff’s hazel eyes were soft as he
took another bite. “It always seems that way when you are upset or frightened,
but eventually, you will ride the emotion out and be back to yourself again.”
When I met Jeff, my first impression
was not profound and knowledgeable, but I guess everyone is full of surprises.
“Plus, you’ve got to be special if
Louis is taking an interest in you. So whatever is making you upset, well,
you’re going to be able to get past it.” He swallowed before taking another
bite. All the rough, military bravado he formerly displayed melted away and I
thought I was now seeing a normal human being.
“You’re right.” I just sat there for
a moment. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
His eyebrow became crooked. “Did I
give you the impression I am an asshole?”
Shrugging, I grabbed the last bit of
his sandwich and stuffed it into my mouth.
“Hey!” His wide smile looked good on
him; compared to the somberness I had seen when I first met him.
“I never
got to eat before and you’re being nice, remember?” I said around a mouthful of
From Witch Devotions
Hearts and
Liz ^_^
Twitter: @ejkolodziej