31 Days of Halloween – Amy Burgess

Hi, my name is Amy Lee Burgess and I write a paranormal
romance series called The Wolf Within for Lyrical Press.  Although there’s definitely romance in the
air with every novel, the main focus is on a mystery that needs to be solved.
Constance “Stanzie” Newcastle, is a wolf shifter with a
tragic past.  Her original bond mates
were killed in a freak car accident while Stanzie was driving.  Her pack, Riverglow, turned against her after
this and kicked her out on her own.
The first novel,   Beneath
the Skin
, picks up two years after the accident when Stanzie goes to a
Great Gathering in Paris to meet a potential new bond mate and rejoin the Great
Pack.  An old boyfriend of hers dies
during the Great Hunt and suspicion is cast upon Stanzie. Liam Murphy, another
Pack shifter with an equally sad past, steps in to defend her. So does a
Councilor named Jason Allerton, who asks Stanzie and Murphy to investigate not
only the death at the Great Gathering, but other suspicious deaths, which have
taken place in packs worldwide. 
The second novel, Scratch
the Surface
, deals with Stanzie coming face to face with her old pack,
Riverglow, and what really happened the night of the accident that killed her
bond mates.
in Plain Sight
, the third novel, sends Stanzie and Murphy to Vermont to
find a missing sixteen year old girl from a pack called Maplefair.  The possibility she was abducted by a serial
killer adds tension and danger to the investigation.
The fourth novel, Inside
, will be released on November 5th.  Members of Stanzie’s birth pack, Mayflower,
in Massachusetts are acting very strangely and the Alpha, Stanzie’s cousin,
Faith, calls Stanzie in to get to the bottom of everything,
This series has been a blast to write and a real
journey.  You see, there’s something not
quite right with Stanzie’s wolf.  She’s
different than everyone else’s and Stanzie’s quest to understand and connect
with her wolf takes her deep into the realm of self discovery.
I’m an ardent fan of animals and in awe of how they
communicate with us.  Part of why I write
this series is to explore mankind’s connection to animals.  The wolves of the Great Pack are creatures in
their own right, not just aspects or alter-egos of the human shifters.  How they interact with each other and their
world is an integral part of the novels.  
Stanzie’s wolf is a conduit and how she sees her wolf makes her think
about how she thinks of herself and of the Great Pack.
The series continues in 2013 with two additional novels. 
I’d really love it if you’d spend a few hours in Stanzie’s
world so she and her wolf could introduce themselves.
You can find out more about Stanzie here at Lyrical
Press:  The
Wolf Within Series – Amy Lee Burgess
I also have a blog you can find here:  The
Wolf Within
Happy Halloween!