Snip of a WIP…

It’s funny how sometimes things seem to fall out of the sky. Titles, names, images are that way for me. I’ve been floating between Cade and Taylor’s story (Kincade’s Lady for now, not sure if that title will stick.) and Allie’s vampire romance (Charm of Light) since Fire’s Ice released.

Last night in the space of four short hours, I managed to add 1,000 K to Lady and then another 300 words this morning before I left for work. Cade and Taylor seem more vibrant than ever, so for now I am going to roll with that writing bug and let Allie and Kail simmer a bit more. 

As I was writing, I found myself in the middle of a particular scene where Cade picks up Taylor at the airport after she runs from the men who are trying to kill her. They have been best friends since childhood, even while apart. As kids often do, the pair had a special ritual for secret keeping and promises. Anyway, he attempts to sooth her fears by making her smile with their ritual. Here’s a little snip of it, but keep in mind this is a very rough draft, unedited snip. I wish I could share a bit more of Kincade’s Lady with you now, but it’s not quite to that point yet.

From Kincade’s Lady-

checked his watch. 8:00 p.m
. Hearing the
arrival announcement, he turned toward the gate to watch the passengers file out. Please let her have made the flight.  No polished princess with flowing hair and glowing skin. Where are you, Tay? His
heart skipped. Wait. There.  The blonde’s hips swayed just so, filling out her torn washed-out jeans well. Beat up sneakers, faded Auburn University t-shirt, dime store shades and
his all-stars baseball cap from high school. 
            There’s my girl.
            She might not look like a Hollywood star worth millions, but there was something innate about Taylor he’d  recognize anywhere. Cade slid his hands into his pants pockets out of habit, pulled
them out again. Damned to hell if he’d hide his feelings anymore. 
* * * *
            Taylor waited for half of the
passengers to exit the plane, before joining them, losing herself in the crowd.
No one had recognized her or given her more than a cursory look of disgust at
her attire. It was almost…liberating.
is he?
 Scanning the crowd of people, she spotted him. Relief swept through her. Still dressed in his
police uniform—mmm, she always loved that uniform
Cade waited for
her by the windows. Crossing the strap of her huge purse across her chest, she
ran straight into his arms and was caught tight.
* * * *
“Cade. Oh, God. I was so scared.”
Cade pulled her in close and let her
cling to him. Wonderful torture. “It’s okay, honey. I’ve got you now. No one’s going to hurt you on my watch.
Ssshhh.”  He stroked a hand down her
ponytail like he had when they were kids.
            “They killed Julie.”
            Cade hadn’t known who had died in the fire in her place, but he knew Julie was her friend. “I’m so sorry. You’re safe with me, Tay. We’re gonna take care of you.”
            He tilted her chin with one finger
and looked deep into those bluebell eyes shimmering with tears. He could taste
the kiss on his lips, craved the touch of her mouth on his but the timing
sucked for both of them, so he set it aside. Cade put his heart into words instead. “Listen. No one gets to you
without going through me first. To do that they’ll have to kill me, and I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.” Wanting to make her smile he added, “Murphy’s law.
Purple pinky promise.”
             The look on Taylor’s face was priceless. “Not here, Cade.”
            “Yes, here. So I guess you forgot our ritual then. And here I thought you were my best friend.”
            Taylor laughed, “We’ll look silly.”
            “Who cares?”
            He offered his hands and she hooked her
pinky fingers around his, swung back and forth, then turned around three times and returned the expected phrase with an air kiss on each cheek. “Ross’
Done deal.” 

So that’s a sneak peek at what I’m working on, but I’m still not a fan of the title. Which one do you like? Kincade’s Lady or Tempting Taylor? Leave an email address with your comment and tomorrow I’ll give one commentor a copy of one Elemental Magic book. Winner’s choice.