Pics from L.J.’s Senior Trip

Good morning, y’all.

In Times Square with the cowboy guy.

Just thought I’d share some pictures L.J. took while on his senior trip. The one thing he wanted to do in New York was play his guitar on Times Square, but he wasn’t permitted to carry it with him. (Lack of luggage space on the bus). His last night in New York, he was walking to the Hard Rock Cafe to meet his classmates for dinner. As chance would have it, he met the naked cowboy. Lol.  He let L.J. borrow his guitar long enough to play a song on Times Square. After all the cool things he saw, there are two things he can’t stop talking about–the changing of the guards at Arlington…and playing the naked cowboy’s guitar. Lol. Enjoy the pics!

A view of New York from the Empire State Building

New York – from the Empire State Building

Inside the Hard Rock Cafe
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9/11 memorial bike built by Paul Jr. Designs

At the 9/11 memorial

All dressed up to see the broadway production of WICKED
L.J. is second from left.

Dressed up for Broadway play

At the nationals game!

Capitol Rotunda

Kennedy graves

Every book every written about Abraham Lincoln.

Grounds at Monticello

Beautiful picture of grounds at Monticello

This is one of my favorites. L.J. has a good eye for photography.
Statue of Liberty