Sharing Anna’s prom pics…


Bragging on my beautiful daughter today. Saturday was her junior prom. She’s given me permission (as did her date) to post their pictures and brag on them a bit. Anna decided I should do her hair, nails and makeup (ah, see those Cosmetology classes were good for something. lol) The problem was her dress. We had planned to make temporary alterations to the hem, and well we had to scratch that plan. I ended having to sew a ton of itsy bitsy stiches by hand in all that chiffon–Friday night. Talk about a nightmare. We were up til two a.m. At that we both decided the train was fine as it was. lol. Still I think her dress turned out beautifully and this one picture makes it all worth it. But…I’ll post two more anyway. lol.

Anna and her best ‘guy’ friend, Jesse.
Anna’s flowers. Lily’s are her favorite.