On my desk…

How are things in your part of the world? Mine? Busy, busy as always. Basketball season is a memory which means no more cheer games for Anna (until next week when cheer tryouts come around again.) It gets crazy here in the fall with both of my daughters in volleyball, Anna cheering. There is a game or practice or church every night of the week. Softball is in full swing now and she’s decided to play.  L.J. is just a little less than two months from high school graduation. Senior trip is coming up soon and we have two proms to plan for. (Anna’s a junior.) 

Ever gone formal dress shopping with a very opinionated sixteen-year-old? It’s an experience, believe me. She likes what she likes, hates what I like (which is probably best or most of her wardrobe would be black like mine.) So far we’ve come up with one compromise–a half-black, half-blush champagne colored full length with sparkly black lace over the lighter color. It’s going to need alterations though. I guess I’ll be spending Saturday’s writing time over the sewing machine this weekend.

My writing desk has become buried under a cluttered, chaotic mess. I never mean for it to happen; life just seems to work out that way. There is a green wire magazine holder (I keeps books stacked in it.), another stack of books, folders, pens, scratch notebooks (those have titles scribbled on the outside so I know which one it is. Most of the time I remember to write in the right one.) Anna’s softball bag always seems to end up there along with Kayla’s purse and L.J.’s cap. Doesn’t matter that they have perfectly good bedrooms with places for that stuff, it still “grows legs” and finds its way to my desk. 

Even if I’m not actively typing on keys, I’m still head-writing, working out plots and ideas. A lot of my plotting is worked out, discarded, changed and set in stone before finally seeing the blank page. Characters rule once we are at the paper stage. Oddly enough, I find I work better (or write better) in the chaos. A good thing, because chaos reigns at my house.

Cullen’s Luck and What Happens in Vegas…are next up on my writing docket. Since neither story is on a deadline, I’m working on both at once. CL is a shifter/cursed tale. You can read a little about it on my In the Works page. Vegas (and this title may change) is strictly romantic suspense.   Looks this one may work out as a series. This one I’m writing with Piper in mind and keeping the details under wraps. I know how much she loves suspense and cowboys, so I hope she’ll want the first look when its finished. I will say Chief Kincade Murphy and his brothers, Special Agent Rafe Murphy and Drew Murphy (Drew runs the Triple M Star Ranch) are going to be a blast to write. 

On the virtual side of things…

The Romance Reviews is holding their 1st Anniversary party during the month of March. On March 11th, I’m giving away a signed copy of Charmed as part of the Q&A questions that day. You do have to sign up for a free account to play the Q&A game but its a huge event with lots of prizes and its going to be fun!

I hope you’ll  join me for an interview at Romance Books “R” Us on March 23. I’ll be sharing a new excerpt from Fire’s Ice and Arianne just might show up to answer your comments.  On June 19 I’ll be celebrating the release of Fire’s Ice at Bitten by Books  with a character interview with Devin. He’ll be answering any questions you dare to ask and I’ll be giving away a $20.00 Amazon gift card, a set of Elemental Magic eBooks and a personalized, signed print copy of Charmed to one lucky reader entering the drawing. Then on August 6th visit me at Night Owl Reviews for a guest blog. 

I hope to see you there!