Are you ready for a little Fire?

Mmm hmm you heard right. Devin’s story Fire’s Ice is set to release June 18, 2012 and I have to say out of the series, Fire is my favorite. Devin has been wonderful to write and I’m thrilled to be able to finally give you his story. Without further delay, here is the first excerpt for Fire’s Ice. This one will go up on the Lyrical site soon and I’ll be posting another here later this week. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Fire’s Ice:  Elemental Magic Book Five

Hovering his hands over Aiden’s toy laptop, Devin began to reverse the damage. Not exactly a healing, but much the same. With the magic came the memory of destruction. Raine pulling the toy out of Aiden’s hands, crying, overwhelming heat and tossing a melted lump of plastic onto the grass. Fear was the most forefront emotion. “She lost her temper and lashed out with heat, melting the toy. It’s a wonder she didn’t set something on fire. Her magic is out of control. Allie’s binds have been broken.”
“But how? She’s just a little girl, Dev, my little girl.”
“Not just. You’ve always known your daughter is special, Jack. Allie has been binding Raine’s gifts since she was two.”
“Yes, but I thought she might be a touch psychic or something. Not like, what do you even call that?”
“Raine is a hereditary witch. Fire is her element.”
“Like you. Then can she do all the things you can?”
“Yes, eventually. We share the same type of magic.”
“Good. Then you can tell us–”
“She’s a phoenix, Jack. Do you understand what that means?”
“Like the bird?” Liv had rejoined them. He saw the question, the realization, sink in. Her child’s life was in danger. Slowly shaking her head, she moved around the sofa to sit beside Jack and clutched his hand.
Should he lie to her? No. Liv would skin him for it later and she’d have Jack’s help. “Yes, Liv, exactly so.”
He watched her expression crumble as fear gripped her. A sob ripped from her throat. “Jack. No. No. No.” It killed him to hear her repeat the words over and over as though just that mantra would save her daughter. Only one person might be able to do that. Liv leaned into her husband and buried her face in his neck.
Jack stared at him as he pulled Liv closer. Calm, controlled eyes, flat and shuttered, told Devin inside Jack was falling apart. “Tell us what we need to do.”
“If she doesn’t learn to control the magic, it will destroy her, like the bird of legend. Only there is no coming back. It explains why Allie can’t bind Raine’s power anymore. I should have come back sooner. She’s just so young. My powers didn’t emerge until I was twelve.”
“What can we do? You have to stop this.”
“It is something she has to learn. As did I, when my powers began to emerge and my mother recognized the danger. She had faerie blood and called for her cousin Daemon to teach me. We need help.”
“She is only three years old.”
“I know, but the magic has to be controlled or–”
“No!” Liv screamed pulled away from Jack, stood and met him eye to eye. “I will not let magic take my daughter. Do you hear me? Fix this. I don’t care what you have to do.” She grabbed the front of his shirt, emotions out of control. “Please. Please, Devin. Don’t let my baby die. You promised me. You promised me you’d always look out for them.”
“And I will. I’ll do everything in my power, Liv.” Gently he pried her fingers away, but held on to her icy hands. “A laird’s promise.” Watching one of the strongest women he’d ever known collapse into her husband’s arms, he knew there was only one person who could help him keep his word. And he hoped Arianne was in an accommodating mood. If not, he was prepared to barter anything necessary to gain her cooperation. Raine was all that mattered.