Thoughts on Fire’s Ice…


Hope all of you in the states had a great Thanksgiving; for my neighbors across the sea and all over the world, I hope your weekend was lovely. Mine was pretty good. Spent a lot of time writing and just hanging out with the family and I finished Fire’s Ice.

Devin and Arianne’s story is all wrapped up and ready for pre-edits. As I was working Saturday, my thoughts were centered not only on what I wanted and needed this book to be, but what will readers expect from this story. Magic and lots of it? A lady who is can hold her own with Devin? Of course, but there has to be more than just a romance. This book had to tie up all the dangling loose ends I purposely left here and there and also serve as a springboard for a new series “Shadows of Seven“.  (You’ll get a glimpse of Guardian Kail McKenna in this book–in his human state–before things shift into the future with the first Shadow book.)

Devin’s past, his ties to Arianne and Daemon’s spell have always been a mystery. Hinted at, but never revealed fully until now. He has been my favorite character to write and the most vocal. When I wanted the story to play out a certain way, he’d tug me in the opposite direction. Stubborn wizard. There are so many facets to his personality-rouge, laird, warrior, protector, witch, and lover. One thing in particular I felt I needed to do with Devin’s story was bring on the heat. So be warned, you’ll need a fan…and maybe some ice water.

All the Corrigans make a return appearance for this one, especially Allie whose powers equal Devin’s. She’s also been armed with Ari’s knowledge of herbs and healing incantations. I’ve already started her story and I can tell you thirty year old Allie is scary powerful and a blast to write. Between her and Kail there is literally nothing they can’t do. It’s going to be a challenge to see how far I can think outside the box.

So, I have a question for you and don’t be shy, I want to hear your opinions. What do you expect from Devin’s story?