Something creepy to start your day

Note* Shanon Grey (Author of The Shoppe of Spells) was supposed to be my guest today. Unfortunately due to situations beyond her control, she isn’t able to be here. We wish her well.

A bit of twisted creepy short fiction from yours truly…

Cold black eyes watch me from across the room. It sits at the foot of my bed on the scarred cedar chest. The same one he gave me for my eighth birthday. I remember filling it with things for my ‘future’ home, embroidered pillowcases, pictures, lace, my mother’s wedding dress. The home I’d share with my husband. I was naive, just a little girl with hopes and dreams that had to come true. 

Yeah, right. What a joke. Love? Marriage? Family? Those things don’t exist for me anymore. It murdered the man I loved more than life itself. David.

One bloody claw carves it’s name into the wood as if to claim that future. I thought I was prepared. I’ve trained for this day ever since I learned the truth of my existence. Since I found my magic. I am an abomination, the spawn of Hell and Earth. Only I can end him. End the misery and suffering he causes. Avenge the death of my beloved. 

The human half of me quakes in fear, in grief. To end a life is a mortal sin. The demon part of my soul craves death and blood of another. Wrestling with my conscious will only see my end and with that goes humanity’s last chance for survival. There is no other way.

I have all the mortal trappings of the craft with me, athame, crystals, potions, but raw power will be the only thing that can defeat this creature. Time to face my past. Alone. Just me, the demon and my magic. 

Smiling, I draw my sword. “Hello, Daddy.”