31 Days of Halloween – JoAnne Kenrick

Vampire Movie Macabre
It’s here. That month of the year when the supernatural tales gets priority over romantic comedies and boys-with-toys movies. My favorite month! And this year I have something extra special to be happy about. I’ve a blood-sucking-vampire type story releasing into the world just in time for halloween. We’re talking  sexy Scottish vampire, spooky castle ruins with connections to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a halloween ball, and a darkly delicious cocktail named Dracula’s Kiss. In the style of the classic vampire movies I do so love, Cathela wants to be allured to the dark side by a vampire…in her fantasies. But can she handle it when her desires becomes a reality? If ever there was one of my books that I want to see turned into a movie, this would be it. And if it was, it’d imagine it to be a cross between Embrace of the Vampire and Queen of the Damned…but set in Scotland.
BLURB: Cathela’s Office Halloween Ball is a complete bust. She spills out her Dracula’s Bride costume, and her vamp fetish chases away her boyfriend. Only redeeming feature to the night? Necking multiple shots of Dracula’s Kiss—a lush Black Cherry Vodka cocktail—and an interlude with a gorgeous man dressed Gary Oldman style.
No one comes close to satisfying Alec Murray’s needs until he meets Cathela during some lame-ass party for bankers. One taste of her blood, sweet yet darkly dangerous, he knows she’s perfect for him.
A night of goth bondage is planned for one. For the other, a night of sexual control is a must. A perfect fit. Alec is compelled to reveal his true nature, but can their relationship survive his dark secret?

To celebrate the upcoming release of my gothic romance, I’m planning a vampire movie marathon! And so, in Elvira style in honor of this Macabre holiday, I readjust my ta-tas and get comfortable on my red velvet lounger. Remote control in hand, I begin. Mwahahaha. Here’s my top ten vamp flicks of all time, in reverse order. Oh, and if you like your vampires sparkly you might want to move along, because there’s nothing for you here.
10: Near Dark An 80s classic and major vampire cult movie. Outlaw vampires anyone? Shudder “I wish I may, I wish I might. Wish I was a thousand miles from here tonight.”
09: 30 Days of NightJosh Hartnett, I hope you are around if I ever find myself stuck in 30 days of night and being hunted by bloodthirsty monsters. Only, do me a favor and don’t go getting yourself turned…alright? I’d like you to still be around after the sun comes up. That is all. “Just because something stopped Bela Lugosi doesn’t mean it can stop these things.”
08: Vamp. If ever there was a decade when vampires sparkle, the 80s should have been it. Just saying. They might have been better appreciated. Instead, they give us a vampire stripper club with a monstrous Grace Jones? Who wouldn’t love that? “Now that’s classy”
07: Dusk Til Dawn. Quentin Tarantino in his hay-day, and George Clooney with his tats and huge muscles. YUM! But best of all Cheech. He rocks. And Juliette lewis…she kicks ass with a water pistol! “Has anybody here read a real book about vampires, or are we just remembering what a movie said? I mean a real book.”
06: Fright Night, the 80s original. Jerry, put down that apple and come take me to the disco dance floor…I’m all yours!  Yeah, I’m a sucker for a, well, sucker. Love his dangerous yet sensual vibe. “The master will kill you for this! But not fast. Slowly! Oh, so slowly!”
05: Underworld. Simply for Kate’s kick-ass clothes! In my mind, that’s what I look like! Sexy, aren’t I? “Whether you like it or not, you’re in the middle of a war that has been raging for the better part of a thousand years. A blood feud between vampires and lycans. Werewolves.”
04: Queen of the Damned. With a rocking soundtrack and the sexiest vampire ever to have graced my TV screen, this one is a winner…if you skip 70% of the movie and just watch Lestat singing, playing tickle with two hot girls, and taunting us all to come out to play. “How did you manage to slip through the 50’s in red velvet?”
03: Interview with a Vampire. Not a brad pitt kind of girl, but, Louie. Oh Louie. How you made my heart ache for you. I could even forgive them casting Tom Cruise as your friend and nemesis Lestat. “Aux contraire mon cher, he could eat the whole colony.”
02: Dracula. I have crossed oceans of time to find a classic vampire movie without a flaw. This would be it. you. Yeah, that’s all I need to say for this one. A gothic master-piece I shall always enjoy watching. FYI did you know Gary Oldman’s sister was a huge soap star in the UK…as a granny in Eastenders. “The blood is the life… and it shall be mine.”
01: The Lost Boys. The vamp cult classic from the mid-80s. Micheal…Micheal… stupid Star, why’d you play hard to get! Ugh. If you don’t want him, I’ll take him off your hands. Yeah, this was the movie that made me fall in love with the whole concept of vampires. Motorbikes, men in leather with long hair. Rock tunes. The whole ‘being bad’ thing. HELLO! Micheal was too stupid. He could have joined the forever-eternal and lived happily ever after, literally. “Are you guys sniffing old newsprint or something?”
Vampire movies are always a gamble. They either suck, or they’re brilliant.  90% of the time, they suck and not for the right reasons. Only vampire movie I’ve seen recently that was the exception to that rule was Fright night with Colin Farrell as Jerry. It wasn’t amazing and it didn’t suck donkey balls, either.
Here’s some more vamp flicks that didn’t make it to the top ten list but are mentionable worthy! And although I didn’t mention the classics like Nosferatu and Bela Lugosi, if you’re in the mood for a classic vamp-fest, the are a must and would take a whole blog post to sort through the best b&w from the-not-so-great ones.

JoAnne Kenrick, an ex-Ghost Tour Guide turned Romance Author, is a Welsh lass who has lived in various countries around the world. She now calls North Carolina her home, where she lives with her husband, two children and a lazy cat. When they aren’t demanding her attention, she can most likely be found watching a vampire movie, reading or baking up a British favorite in her N.C. kitchen. That is, when she isn’t writing or chatting up a storm on social networking sites. www.joannekenrick.com Her current release, Sweet Irish Kiss, is an ARe bestseller!