Greetings, all.

As I may have mentioned when I changed website carriers, I also changed newsletter clients. It’s taken some time to figure out the system and work out the kinks, but the first Fall Newsletter went out today. If you’ve signed up in the past or signed up for the purpose of a contest and prefer not to receive emails from me, please use the unsub link at the bottom of the message, or send an email to stating your wish to be removed from the list and your email address or addresses you may have signed up with. I will remove them personally. No hard feelings. If you received my newsletter in error, I do apologize. I’ve  had one person report it as spam although they were on one of my sign up lists. I hate spam and went with the newsletter service to avoid getting the rules wrong. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

End of the service announcement, now back to your regularly scheduled blog….