My current writing playlist (with commentary of course), in case anyone is curious.

Sara Smile – Hall and Oates (Love, love, love this song)
Lovin’ Every Minute of It – Loverboy  (Singing along when this plays, loudly, sometimes off key, depends on if I’m paying attention or not.)
Meet Virginia – Train (Favorite Train song)
Undercover Angel –  Alan O’Day (Love it!)
Thunderstruck – AC/DC (Yes, I’m a fan. That’s my wicked side showing. Lots of their songs in my comp and this list.)
Smoke from a Distant Fire – Sanford-Townsend Band (Sing with it. It’ll make you smile. Even if it is about somebody who done somebody else wrong.)
(Don’t fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult 
Burnin’ for You – Blue Oyster Cult
More than a Woman – Bee Gees (Inspires me. Go figure.)
Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions (Drums, guitars. Nuff said.)
Weathered – Creed (Love their music. Entire greatest hits album lurks in this list.)
Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac (Come on! I grew up listening to this stuff. Greatest hits lurk in the list.)
Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac (same)
Rolling in the Deep – Adele (This lady has an awesome and powerful voice!)
Waking up in Vegas –  Katy Perry (lol)
You Make Loving Fun– Fleetwood Mac (singing along)
Into the Night – Santana/Chad Kroeger (singing along badly with the blond guy and playing air guitar. It’s required.)
Last Friday Night (T.G. I. F.) – Katy Perry (It’s silly and fun and the girls like to sing it in the car.)
That’s the Way of the World – Earth, Wind and Fire (Seeing a scene I can’t quite reveal yet, but it’s sweet, hot and all kinds of awesome between Ari and Dev. You’ll see it soon in Fire’s Ice.)
It’s All Over – Three Days Grace (Makes me think of vampires.)
Riot – Three Days Grace (Same.)
Dark Horse Album – Nickelback (Yeah all of it, wicked me is back for a visit.)
Torn – Creed (Feel like this sometimes.)
My Own Prison – Creed (Creed is the current emotional voice belonging to the vampire in my head, that would be Kail. First hero in a new series that has only just gotten started.)
What’s This Life for – Creed 
Higher – Creed
What if? – Creed (And this shows me another scene, a battle between Kail and Shade whom you’ll meet in Shadows of Light part of a new series I’m working on.)
With Arms Wide Open – Creed (Actually makes me think of DBZ’s Vegeta. No idea why. I have a random brain. Watching too many cartoons these days I guess. Could be because I was listening to this and watching Dragon Ball Z movies late last night.)
One Last Breath – Creed (Makes me think of Kail.)
Don’t Stop Dancing – Creed
Bullets – Creed (Kail)
My Sacrifice – Creed (Makes me think of Kail.)
Weathered – Creed (This should be my theme song.)
Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind and Fire (Yes, I know I’m a disco dork so what.)
After the Love is Gone – Earth, Wind and Fire (Sad song.)
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac 
Welcome to the Jungle – Guns and Roses (Hair bands. My best friend in the seventh and eighth grade got me listening to GnR and Aerosmith.  April had excellent taste in music.)
Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns and Roses 
November Rain – Guns and Roses 
Say You Love Me – Fleetwood Mac
Hells Bells – AC/DC (Makes me think of magic stuff.)
Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac (Denial)
Sara – Fleetwood Mac (Sweet song.)
Shoot to Thrill – AC/DC (Helps get anger issues out of my head when I’m writing bad guy scenes.)

Decode – Paramore (Anna stuck this one in my playlist, but I can sing to it so yeah, Twilight song can stay, though I prefer my vampires a bit more wicked than Edward and definitely not sparkly or cold. Brr.)

She Talks to Angels – The Black Crowes