31 days of Halloween – Guests wanted

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love when the leaves start changing colors and the night air has a bit of nip to it. It makes me think of pumpkins (I know ‘duh factor’ here,) werewolves and blood red moons, of gypsies, fairies, vampires and magic. There is just something innately different about the month of October and it speaks to my creative nature. 

I’ve decided to host a “31 days of Halloween” at In Shadows and I want you to be my guest. I’m looking for authors with spooky October new releases, paranormal, fantasy or urban fantasy authors willing to guest blog, send in their favorite Halloween recipes or crazy pictures. Spooky short stories are welcome as well. (All rights belong to the author, I’m just providing the venue.) Paranormal not your thing? Do you have fall themed story? Welcoming those too. 

Available dates are 10/1 – 10/30. I’ll be posting the itinerary no later than 9/23. If you’re interested in hanging out with me here at In Shadows, send an email to brynna@brynnacurry.com. Spots are one per day, first come first serve basis.