Morning, all! Happy Sunday!

If there is one thing I love about being a writer (other than writing of course) is meeting so many talented ladies and gentlemen who really get why we do what we do. It isn’t for the money, some of us never make it big. It isn’t for the fame, most of us don’t get that either. I asked my mother in law the other day if she knew who Lori Foster was and she looked at me like I had grown horns. Clueless. Seriously. So why do we write?

Like my son  told me the other day, he said “Someone just came home from a bad day at work, or they are sitting beside someone in the hospital. Maybe there is a chick who just got beat up by her boyfriend or something. Or a thousand other things could have happened to those people today, but you made them smile for a second. Made them forget the bad around them, made that lady believe in happy ever afters again. That’s what its all about. Your imagination makes a difference in someone’s life. Even it is only one person.”
The wisdom of a teenager, sometimes kids just surprise the heck out of you.

Whatever gift you have (and everyone has something they were meant to do) use it to make someone’s life a little brighter. Make someone smile today.