Romance novels are like what?

I know I’m behind the times, but did you see this in GalleyCat? I’m probably going to catch heck for this post. I know it, but I just can’t help seem to help myself. Let me point out these are my opinions on this article. I have no intention of author bashing etc. That’s just wrong, but I’m still not sure whether to be insulted or amused by this.

Oh yes, she really said that. I looked up the article, then looked up her book out of curiosity. (If I was a critter, I’d be a cat. Just saying.) Apparently even closed door romance novels fall under the devil’s wares. Does that include Inspirational Romance? I wonder. Seriously. So what about those two hundred plus romance novels shelved in my office in plain view of the kitchen and living room? *gasp*

What about those thrillers with light romance themes? Fantasy? Oh, wait. People murder other people in those books. Does this mean we all want to go out and become serial killers? Do we look at that chainsaw in the garage in a different light? Uh. No. Duh. At least I certainly hope not. It’s the puzzle that fascinates us. Same with romance. It’s just a different puzzle, an escape from a bad situation even if only for a little bit so you can deal with real life.

So romance novels are supposed to make us dissatisfied with our marriage and run off to have wild torrid affairs. I just don’t see that. Some people are going to be unhappy no matter who they are with or what they have. A book won’t change that. If you want to read the article that spawned this rambling here’s the link.

I do want to say as an author I do respect her opinion, although I strongly disagree with lumping an entire genre and the whole married (or otherwise attached) female (and male) population into a single pigeonhole of naughty romance readers. That’s how I felt when I read the article. Sort of like ‘rock music is the devil’ or ‘football is the devil’. Well if romance is the devil’s tool, what does that make my romance writing self? Hmm?His handmaiden? Lol. Okay so maybe that was a tad dramatic.

But just in case you’re wondering about this finding the hero stuff.  I know my husband is a hero, my hero. He stands with me, supports what I do. I don’t have to look over my shoulder to see if he’s standing behind me. I know he is. The same holds true in reverse. I also know he has his faults, but no more than I do. I met him when I was sixteen and after all almost nineteen years, I can still overlook those flaws and see the good in his heart. I hope he can say the same. He has his interests and I have mine, that makes us individuals. I have absolutely no desire to prowl through the woods and kill deer like he does, and he doesn’t want to curl up and read a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. He just doesn’t like to read. (Yes, shocker I know.) But…he doesn’t mind that I write, or that I write romance (and read it) in fact he likes it. *wiggles eyebrows*  If he didn’t he would definitely say so. That’s how he is.

Everyone of my ink and paper heroes mirrors him just a little (especially Jack who could be his twin.) I don’t plan this it just always seems to happen that way. So I’ll keep typing away creating sweet romances or lusty trysts with my keyboard for you to read, one happy ever after at a time. Jackie will be sitting beside me on the couch as always watching Gunsmoke and pretending not to look over my shoulder at the screen. Of course I know he does and it makes me blush every time.

Till next time,