Pepsi Refresh Project – Kamp Kason

Morning, all!

I want to share a story with you about a Pepsi Refresh Project contender. Double Springs, Alabama (also the county seat) sits pretty much right in the middle of Winston County, also known as “The Free State of Winston” called such because during the Civil War it planned to secede from the state, but never realized that plan. In any case, Double Springs is a small town, and like others of its kind struggles to find funding leaving many worthy projects on the back burner. Like the park.

Can you imagine not having a safe place to take your little ones to play because the playground equipment is rickety and falling apart? Nowhere for picnics? And this is one of those towns where there is nothing for kids to do, at all, unless it involves school sporting events. Bear Creek is the same way, but we are fortunate to have a lovely park on the lake here with basketball courts, volleyball, a walking track etc. It would be nice if Double Springs could have something like that.

So, someone came up with the idea to enter the Pepsi refresh contest for the $50,000 dollar grant to refresh your community. It’s just enough to cover the budget for making the existing park safe to use and add some things beneficial to the community.

Sounds like a pipe dream, right? With so many entries, how can one little town get enough votes to save their park? But…they ARE!  KAMP KASON is currently in 23rd place in the contest. The park will be in memory of a little boy named Kason Dodd who loved to play in the outdoors who was tragically killed in a four wheeler accident February 6th, 2010. You can see the Pepsi video below. My boss Ranee (not Renee the publisher, just so there’s no confusion) told me about this and I’ve been voting everyday, but we need still your help to reach the goal.

If you haven’t been voting for another project, or haven’t considered voting in the contest, please consider voting for Kamp Kason. It’s super fast, you can text your vote (send 107129) to 73774, or you can click the link below and sign in with Facebook. And all those codes on drink boxes and bottles? Extra votes! Voting ends June 30th. Thanks so much for your help!