Scavenger Hunt with Author L.K. Below

A Reluctant Date
By L. K. Below
Today I’m celebrating my newest release, Cinnamon and Spice across the blogosphere. How? I’m hosting a scavenger hunt (the answer to each simple question counts for one ballot into the drawing). But more details on that later.
The characters in Cinnamon and Spice grabbed me over a year ago and demanded I tell their story. In particular, Melissa. She’s been fighting her date with Jack ever since he first asked her. After all, he isn’t really her type. He’s thin and nerdy, whereas Melissa usually falls for gruff bad boys.
But Jack refuses to take no for an answer. He pesters her until she agrees to go out with him — and then he turns his mind to seducing her. By the end of their first date, Jack needs to convince Melissa that he’s the one for her and he sets out to do just that.  
I’m sure we’ve all had someone interested in us whose feelings we didn’t return. Or maybe vice versa — maybe you had your eye on someone who didn’t feel the same way. Well, if so, I suppose this story is for you. Jack wins out, after all. And Melissa learns just what a mistake she could have made by not joining him on a date.
Blurb: Jack is smart. Jack is charming. Jack is persistent.

But Melissa is dead certain that he isn’t the guy for her. In a moment of weakness caused by his shiver-inducing voice, Melissa finally agrees to one date. She shows up on his doorstep determined to get it over and done with, but Jack has something different planned. With a home-cooked meal, wine, and cinnamon-scented candles, can he break down Melissa’s resolve?

Can he steal her heart?

CONTEST ALERT: Do you want to win a goodie basket of cinnamon-scented products along with an e-copy of Cinnamon and Spice? Simple! Just email me at lbelow(at)lbelow(dot)net answering the following question:
Do you have a “type”?
Essay answers aren’t required — a simple one-word sentence will suffice. Contest closes on May 2nd, 2011 at 11:59PM EST. Open to entrants world-wide, but all entrants must be 18 or older.
Do you want more chances to win? Each scavenger hunt question answered counts for one ballot towards the prize. Check for the full itinerary. Good luck!