>New Cover! Sea’s Sorceress: Elemental Magic Book Four…


Greetings, all!

Just got the finished book cover for Sea’s Sorceress this morning and wanted to share it with you. Originally scheduled to release 4/18/11 we’ve had to move the date to 8/15/11.

Here is a little bit about the book. Note this is the unofficial blurb.

Book 4 – Sea’s Sorceress 
Release Status 8/15/11 from Lyrical Press, Inc.

Skye Corrigan treasures his art and his gifts of visions and empathy, but has never found a woman to claim his heart. Shadowed dreams of a different time and a celtic temptress haunt his every moment with a burning ache that can’t be quieted by any other woman.  

Rhiannon O’Malley has been his friend since childhood, but lately the fiery pub owner affects him in ways she never has.

Rhia knows their past as well as the future, but love must always come with a willing heart. Her father’s terminal cancer left her in charge of her ailing mother and the family pub. Skye has remained a constant presence since her father fell ill, willing to help whenever she needs him. When their relationship changes, can she help Skye accept their pasts and claim the future? Or will Daemon and Briella be forever trapped in the mist of earth and sea.

Sea is shaping up to be a wonderfully romantic mix of love lost and found, magic, faith and family. I can’t wait to see how it ends. 

Another note. The winner of my release day contest was Frances Clark. Congratulations, Frances!