>Thoughts… (via Frightening Journeys)


It’s cool down here, a little rainy as November tends to be in Alabama. As I get ready to close out the day at work and head into a four day weekend (which I’m sure I’ll spend working. I guess I don’t know the meaning of holiday vacation), I think back on the year and the many things I’m thankful for. 

A tradition we kept when I was a kid was to put up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner visits were over. This year I broke it. The new house is almost ready. The kids and I spend a lot of time there. They play on the computer or do homework while I write. Almost all the projects are finished, except big ticket things that will have to wait for tax refunds before I tackle them. 

So last weekend we put up the Christmas trees at the new house and decorated. The kids each have their own and I was looking at them today and thought of how different they were. Anna, my cheerleader drama queen, covered hers with sparkling things and pink and silver Santa Claus patterned bows that she made herself. It’s bright, flashy and dramatic just like her. Kayla’s, the baby, is only about a two feet tall because she has the least space in her room, but she managed to cover it with tons of  red bows, angels, and gold ornaments that look like presents. L.J. hasn’t added anything to his yet saying he’s hasn’t decided what to put on it and thinks it looks pretty good as a plain old tree. lol  I keep wondering what he’ll choose to go with his black, blue and skulls room decor. 

Our family tree sits in the corner of the living room next to the bay window. The pines around our house are a solid view of green looking out those windows, peppered with the colorful leaves of maples and oaks that are changing with the season. Every year since the kids were babies we go shopping for new decorations to mix in with the old. I’ve added to my collection of bows, some are plaid, pink, blue or gold, depending on which of my children chose the ribbon. Each handmade ornament tells a story. 

I am so thankful for those memories. I’m thankful for the wrinkles cropping up on my thirty-four year old face with matching silver strands running through the brown waves of my hair, each one a smile or frown I’ve been blessed with. I’m thankful for my husband and children and that we are together even if we aren’t where we want to be. 

Tomorrow the entire Cagle ‘clan’ will descend on Maw Maw Cagle’s house from all over the place with food and kids in tow. There will be new babies to fuss over, loved ones who have passed away will be missed and celebrated with crazy stories of good times. 

Half the men will have been deer hunting, still wearing their camo with plans to go sit in the tree stand after the meal. And of course the Iron Bowl trash talk will dominate most of the conversations. Undefeated Auburn University meets the defending champ and rival University of Alabama on Friday. It’s a major deal around here. The Auburn fans outweigh the Bama fans in our house. (War Eagle!) It’s going to be an awesome game!

To those of you stateside have a happy Thanksgiving and to my neighbors all over the world have a blessed weekend.