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Note* Debuting the cover for Wait for the Wind. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
Since we seem to be discussing the business side of publishing this week, I’m going to just jump right in with my two cents worth. Times are changing. As Nicole said, with the economy so poor right now publishers are looking for ways to cut costs while staying in business. For every customer who holds the rank of editor or author there are probably twenty everyday folks spending their hard earned dollars on our words. When it comes down to the bottom line, their budget for little luxuries like books is swallowed up by rising food and energy costs. Perhaps that’s why a lot of publishers are beginning to take a second look at eBooks and the benefits of publishing electronically.
Dorchester’s big change to a digital model with print on demand sent ripples of surprise through not only the publishing community, but the reading one as well. Will other big print houses do the same? I wonder what would happen if every publisher that prints actual books conformed to the same model. I think eventually we will see it happen though it may be years into the future.
Which brings me to another soapbox, eBook pirating. Okay, pirating people. Johnny Depp as a pirate, cool. You? Not even a smidge of frost. I wish these pirates would realize what they are stealing here. It’s more than thoughts, electronic words and art. It’s money the author uses for everyday things. Here that pirates? You’re taking the money for their kids lunches, gas, bills,and thousands of other things. There needs to be better security on eBooks that doesn’t hinder the reader from enjoying them. Ebooks are not meant to be forwarded or transferred. Do your part. Don’t become a pirate. Report shady ner’do wells to the proper authorities and let the publisher know too. *climbs off soapbox*
On another note, I’m gearing up for the release of To Take Up the Sword on September 6, 2010 with a release party at The Romance Studio on 8-28.  http://theromancestudio.com/party/ Several authors are scheduled to be in attendance.  Interviews with Rachel Leigh on 9-1 www.rachelleighromance.blogspot.com
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During the month of September I’ll be the featured on author at The Romance Studio and on 9-24 I’m giving away a copy of the book in their Book a Day giveaway.
Lastly, 9-16-9-19 I’m participating in RBR’s Halloween Bash. Details below and I believe this event last through Halloween. www.trinagon.blogspot.com
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