>A dangerous question… (via Frightening Journeys)

>*peeks in the door* Hi, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately. It’s been a rough month, but I missed you guys. I really needed to get Wait for the Wind finished and off to Piper (on time). I was almost done when a computer virus wiped out my computer and the backup I had on my flash drive and I had to rewrite half the book, then Jackie (for those of you out of the loop, that’s the hubby) went back in the hospital. I took my vacation time from my day job to finish up the book and take care of some family stuff the first week of July. 

Somebody up there must have thought I really needed a vacation, because as soon as the book was sent, my cell phone and both laptop cords died. I finally found a replacement for the Acer on eBay, but it still hasn’t arrived yet. My kids laughed at me when the cell died and I couldn’t check my email. I felt blind and naked without my laptop and phone. Funny how you become so dependent on something. Got the phone working, but the laptop is still dead. *Sigh* Soon. Good thing I remembered to set my ‘out of office’ message before I left for vacation. 

Another trip to the ER and a hospital visit for Jackie last week and unfortunately a death in the family. Jackie’s baby cousin passed away July 13 in a drowning accident. Just one of those horrible freak things that happen, but its so terribly sad. Jackie got out of the hospital three hours before her funeral. We went home, changed and drove to Tuscumbia to attend. It was indescribable in the worst way. Gracie would have been two July 26. She was such a sweet little angel, and I cry if I think about her and her mama. So, I work.

I’ve started Sea’s Sorceress: Elemental Magic Book 4. I don’t want to give away too much, but it picks up right where Wait for the Wind: Elemental Magic Book 3 leaves off with the birth of Liv and Jack’s twins. I’ve been slowly creeping back into the manuscript with the spell that started the series, showing bits of Liv’s legend (EM Book 1) here and there. I’m sort of out of my element again. This time with past lives.

I’m so on the fence about the topic, yet I chose a long time ago to use this scenario for book four. Why? Not sure except that Skye and Rhiannon demand it, so I must obey and let these characters tell me their story. I was raised in a true holy-roller Church of God. (I mean no offense by the term, it’s just what we call them down here.) They believe in gifts of the spirit such as prophecy and the laying of hands (healing by prayer), but I’m pretty sure I’ve yet to see a church endorse past lives. Now I might be wrong, but the bible belt Alabama ones don’t. So why continue on this path? Because I’ve seen enough weird things to believe there is so much more to the universe than any of our minds can comprehend.

I knew where the hidden staircase trigger was located in Arlington House long before the guide reached it or mentioned it. I knew where the old slave cabins and kitchens were at Belle Mont when I’d never been there before. I could have drawn a map of the entire house before I ever set foot inside it. Past life memories? Deva vu? Turned out the curator was related to the Pitts as well as some of the former owners (I think), maybe that explains it? Then there is my fascination with swords, particularly Japanese and the kind you’d imagine King Authur’s knights would carry. So…what if?

Dangerous question. Here’s another, just for fun. If there are past lives, who were you and when were you? I think I would have been a temple priestess in feudal Japan, or maybe a noble lady who desperately wanted to be a knight. Or maybe I was a writer…

Be blessed,