>Some news…(via Frightening Journeys)

>Like Nerine, I must apologize for my lack luster blogging. I have a bad habit of tunnel vision. I tend to focus on a project and become obsessed with it until its done. Wait for the Wind is one of those things. It’s due in a little under a month and so not where it needs to be. I’ve been setting aside basically everything to push through and get it finished. I solemnly promise to do my best to be here, but sometimes just those few blogging minutes are a battle hard fought and not always won.

Some changes are definitely in the air at Frightening Journeys. Please give a warm welcome to Lyrical Press, Inc. author Sonya Clark. Her new release Bring on the Night is already getting great reviews, and I know she’ll be a credit to the team.

I hope all of you have a blessed week,