Friday, October 30, 2009

I’ve had seven commenters since yesterday.  You’re well wishes and warm thoughts were appreciated very much.  Instead of choosing from the seven of you (my favorite number) I’ve decided to give each of you a choice of prizes.  a teaser page (or two) of Cullen’s Luck a shifter romance or the same of Circle of Seven- Shadows of Light a dark paranormal romance with vampires and old magic. Contact me at caglebethany@yahoo.com with your email and choice.  Thanks so much for helping me celebrate, and stop by again soon.  You never know what I’ll talk about or post, sometimes books or just life stuff.  Right now I’ve got one eye on the radar while at work, looking out for tornadoes since we are under a watch till seven.  It’s that time of year.

Take care!

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Someone’s going to win prizes today!  Between 12 and 1 I’ll choose the winner of the teaser page from Cullen’s Luck.  Want another chance to win a copy of Gypsy Moon?  I’m blogging with Shandy at Lady Jane’s today.  One commentor will win a free ebook!  http://heyladyjane.blogspot.com/2009/10/guest-bethany-cagle.html

Be blessed,

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good morning!  It’s soggy and rainy here in Alabama, but the dreary mess can’t hide my smiles.  My first book is released in e format today.  If you like shifters, you’ll love Howl Raven, my arrogant werewolf.  One commentor today will win a teaser page from my shifter novella Cullen’s Luck, which is almost ready to submit. You’ll be the first to read it, other than me of course, lol.

Here’s an excerpt from Gypsy Moon.

He pressed his snout to the wet earth and breathed deep. Mmm, she was close. The musky scent of his mate lingered here, but there was more, a hunter. His hackles rose. Humans mean death. His ears pricked up as a crack broke the country silence. Hot metal burrowed deep into his flesh. Pain ripped through him as he ran. His anguished howl turned to human scream as werewolf shifted into man.

Clutching his bleeding arm to his chest, he ground his teeth against the white hot pain. It wasn’t often he recalled events while he was werewolf, but he remembered the few moments before he’d changed and being shot. How had he become wolf outside of the full moon? He figured the injury was enough to shift him back into human form, but it wasn’t as if he had a guide to go by, he thought bitterly. Sure, let’s just drag out the old magic werewolf book and see if it says anything about silver bullets, or shifting to heal. Yeah, right.

He grimaced and sank down to the base of a pine tree. A little moan slipped free while he leaned his head back, panting with a combination of lethargy and searing pain. Not bloody likely, but right at this moment, he would be willing to pay a fortune he didn’t have for a manual.

Hell, things had been quiet lately. A little too quiet, if he was honest, but after the close call in Seattle, he’d thought he had found the one little backwater town in the world where he’d be safe. He rapped his head against the tree once. Instantly he regretted the stupidity of his temper. He should have known better. Shady Creek, Alabama had its nosy gossips, same as any small town. One of them had talked to Van Michaels.

* * *

Ana Brannon sipped a late night cup of coffee while she watched over her snoozing furball. She’d found the pitifully wet, black cat scratching furiously on her back door, and had taken her in, of course. What else? Rousted from her birthing place by the storms, the stray now nursed four kittens by her fireplace. Each one, all girls, was as black as coal. She had a particular fondness for black cats. “You’re a lucky cat, Circe. Lucky you found me, that is.” Circe blinked her feline eyes to concede the point, licked her paw and meowed toward the fire.

“Cold, Circe?” She chuckled and pointed casually toward the fireplace. Flames lurched up from the embers and soon the fire was crackling warm. “Got a few tricks up my sleeve, don’t I? Ah, but there’s more.” Another finger wave materialized a saucer of warm milk and a dish of canned tuna.

Ana stretched her arms high over her head in exhaustion, feeling the aching muscles of her back ripple from waist to neck in a painful sort of bliss. The cat hadn’t had an easy birthing. The feline curled in her once sewing basket by the fire with her brood, already a happy new member of the family. She glanced at the microwave clock, two in the morning. Yawning, Ana poured the last of her coffee down the drain. She flicked a glance at the coffee maker, willed her magic, and the switch flipped itself to off.

 Rinsing out her cup, Ana set it in the dish drainer and blinked again. The kitchen light went dim as well. One booted foot rested on the stairs when Taffy, her golden retriever, bolted past her and hunched in front of the locked doggy door, and howled madly. Circe yowled from her basket.

“Taffy! What’s gotten into you?” She shook her head. Taffy was usually a mild mannered dog, not that she had always been. Age had settled her down and tamed her urge to jump on everybody that crossed her path. She figured Taffy would keep howling unless she went out and investigated the cause of her trouble. Resigned, Ana wearily retraced her steps and reached for the shotgun she kept behind the kitchen door.

Be blessed,

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Contest! from fellow Red Rose Author Biana Kingsley

You could win The Best Reader’s Jackpot of the Year! How? Send me the funniest clean joke you know.

First Prize is 7 Novels!

Erotic Romance: Insufficient Mating Material by Rowena Cherry

Sci-Fi/Futuristic: Acknowledging Meirion by Zenobia Renquist

Mainstream Fantasy: Ivory Sword by A.A. Wolfner

Mainstream Fantasy: Bronze Sword by A.A. Wolfner

Historical Romance: Aphrodite’s Brew by Delle Jacobs

Sweet Romance: Make Believe Bride by Kelly McDonough

Sizzling Romance: Country Heat: Wolf in the Shadows by me, Biana Kingsley

Second Prize is 4 Novels!

Romantic Comedy: Heaving Bosoms by Ashlyn Chase

Mainstream Fantasy: Guardians of Eternity 1: Rogar of Hamun by Belinda Palmer

Erotic Romance: Secrets Vol 18 with a story by Linda Gayle
Sizzling Romance: Country Heat 1: Wolf in the Shadows by Biana Kingsley

And a Mystery Gift.

To see The Best Reader’s Jackpot novels and the author’s links, visit Biana’s Vault: http://bianakingsley.com/custom4.html

The Rules Are:

No racial, religious or dirty jokes. And no jokes that are politically incorrect in general. We all find them funny, but please don’t submit them. Words like hell and damn and ass are okay, but none of the more colorful cuss words.
It’s okay to use a joke from a magazine or other source, just please give the author credit by identifying name and the source of the joke.

Entrants may enter up to three times, in three separate emails.

The Best Reader’s Jackpot contest will run from Oct. 19th thru Nov. 19th.
That’s a full month to dig up the funniest joke you can! Good Luck.

The clean winning joke will be posted on my public website: www.BianaKingsley.com on my special contest joke page.
Here is my eMail: BianaKinglsey@gmail.com On the subject line, please put ‘The Best Reader’s Contest Joke’
Biana Kingsley


Everyone has permission, and is encouraged, to post The Best Reader’s Jackpot Contest info on any website, blogs, etc. Don’t think of it as helping your friends win the prize you want, think of it as their bland joke may make yours look better!

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Friday, September 25, 2009


I just love fall. It brings to mind cooler air, colorful leaves and football games. Halloween, though alot of people will hate me for saying it, is one of my favorite holidays, outranked by Christmas (1) and St. Patty’s day (2). I think its because of all the pretend. Anyone can be anything they want on that day. I love giving away candy and helping the kids with their costumes, though my son is too old to go trick or treating (his rule not mine. I go every year, but I hold off on the candy. lol) and the girls are getting there. Imagine my delight when what I thought would be my second book was actually scheduled for release October 29th, before Earth Enchanted, making GYPSY MOON my first book. Werewolves and witches at Halloween? I couldn’t have asked for better timing. What a treat! This month to celebrate the release of my first book I’m having a contest. Details below.

When witch and veterinarian Ana Brannon finds a wounded stranger in the woods surrounding her cabin, she is determined to save his life. Little does she know her gentle way with animals and powerful magic may be just what the werewolf ordered. Howl Raven is a private investigator with a past and a secret. When he shifts outside of the full moon, he finds himself at the mercy of a werewolf hunter. Can Ana’s magic help banish the wolf from his blood or will she be doomed to suffer the destiny of her mate?

Help me give Gypsy Moon a spooky hello.
I’m running a contest for the October 29 release of GYPSY MOON! To enter you must do one of the following.
         1. Friend me on Facebook type CONTEST in a message with your request and a contact email.
        2. Sign my guestbook
http://brynnacurrybriannaroarkebook s.webs.com
         3. Email me at briannaroarke@ wildmail. com and type CONTEST into the subject line.
(since I don’t want anyone to get spammed, limit five emails per entrant)
         4. Follow me on Twitter and direct message me with your contact email.
         5. Visit http://paranormalwriters.blogspot.com and leave a comment on any post since 9/21/09..
         6. Visit http://brynnacurrybriannaroarkebooks.blogspot.com and leave me a comment along with your contact email. That’s it! You will be entered to win a signed cover pic and a Halloween treat from me. Since I love Halloween, I will choose the winner that evening before I take the kids trick or treating. You may enter as often as you like and each thing you do will enter you once. The winner will be posted in all of these places and contacted privately. Thanks and good luck.