>The wizard’s taking over…

>Hello, everyone I thought I’d talk a little bit today about Earth Enchanted and some different places I’ll be blogging over the next few weeks. *hears footsteps creep up behind her*

Yeah, you could, but I’d bet your blog readers would rather hang out with me.

Hey, Devin, just whose the author here? *takes the keyboard away from Devin* You’re smiling. No. Wait. That’s not why I gave you magic. You wouldn’t dare.

You know I would…and enjoy it. *conjures blue fireball with a wave of his hands*  This won’t hurt a bit. It’s cold fire. *claps fireball over Beth’s head. showering sparks of blue enveloping her in a force field* She’s fine really. I’ll let her out when it’s time for me to go.

So, you want to know about Earth Enchanted? It all started a thousand years ago with a spell. My cousin and teacher Daemon fell for a healer named Briella after she rescued him from the sea. He would never have been there in the first place, but he went against my father’s ,Laird of the McLoch clan,wishes and continued to help me hone my magic. The laird wanted me to forget my powers and learn to rule our clan. Thanks to Briella’s sister Arianne’s scheming, Daemon, Briella and Arianne were turned into the elements they called to for power.

While Daemon cast his dark magic, I was deep in battle with the laird of a rival clan. My father had fallen along with many of our clansmen. Covered in the blood of my kin, I knew I would die under the blade of that dirty cur’s sword. All at once I could see with my mind’s eye the power Daemon had unleashed and I knew how to save my clan. I called forth a great ring of fire and surrounded the village walls with it, protecting the women and children inside, but I couldn’t have known the consequences of mixing magics would bar me from my home or that my fire would destroy every last McGavin on McLoch land. As dead to my clan as my father, I left Scotland and went to Ireland to break the spell, but only Daemon and Briella’s descendants could do that.

For a thousand years I’ve been waiting for someone to break the spell. Funny thing is only love is powerful enough to fight back Daemon’s magic and free us all.

Want to know more? Visit Beth’s site for all the details. http://brynnacurrybriannaroarkebooks.webs.com/

*releases force field* See now that wasn’t so bad.
So you say. You should know I’m claustophobic. I’d like to put you in a bubble.
Time for me to go.  Have a great weekend.