>I’m back….

>Hi, everyone!  I took a little working break over the holidays from the net, but I did pop back by to choose the winner of my Earth Enchanted contest.  Congratulations, Sue Brandes!  I hope you enjoy the book!  Though I had planned to get alot of writing done (I did. I promise, Piper.) with the holiday preparations, visits, and last minute trips, I’m still typing away on book number two To Take Up The Sword.  

 I’m enjoying the breakneck pace of this novella, which is leaning heavy on the romantic suspense side with the paranormal factor in the form of Serena Roarke’s ghost. Now if you’ve read Earth Enchanted, you know Serena was murdered at the beginning of the book.  She lends advice and trouble to her widowed Jack and his new lady Liv.  Lea and Gabe are a handful.  Something always seems to be blowing up around those two.  Alot of questions left from EE are answered in Sword, including the elusive truth of Serena Roarke’s relationship with Gabe.  This book is shaping up to be a wild ride.  I know you’re going to love it.

In other non book related news, Santa visited our house with pets and gadgets.  So, we’ve added a new dog. I’m not really sure what sort he is because he just turned up at the house, but he looks like a terrier.  Anna is calling him Scooter after a shelter dog she met Saturday.  We weren’t able to adopt him and she cried all night over the dog, and then the next morning this little terrier showed up at my mother’s apartment, and practically jumped into Anna’s arms.  No one claims him so I guess he’s ours now.  Also added to the family is my new cat Chrissy.  She’s black and white with little spots running down from her mouth to her throat.  She looks like she’s been drinking chocolate milk.  I’ll post some pics as soon as I can.  She’s another rescue (found her at Mom’s apartment too on Christmas Eve.)  So how did your holiday plans go? Did you make Santa’s nice or naughty list? lol